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Monday, May 16, 2016

Summer, sweet summer. I'd say, it's our country's best season! It's high-time to go visit our beaches, and enjoy the beauty and activities our natural environment has to offer!

There is Boracay, La Union, Palawan... But for this blog story, let me show you around SIARGAO. :)

Siargao is a tear-drop shaped island in Surigao Del Norte. A surfing mecca in Mindanao, Siargao is also known for game fishing (with its abundance of mackerel, tuna, and even crabs, squids, sting rays, and octopus), and the home of picture-perfect islands (Naked Island, Daku Island, Guyam Island).

But to explore this island, it is unavoidable that you have to stay under the sun for long hours everyday! These are actually photos from my sister who went there a few weeks ago. She came home with darker skin, but with dozens of postcard-worthy photos and new memories with her friends. As a Kojie San user herself, I interviewed her for this mini feature! :)

1) Where was your trip? 

2) How long did you stayed under the sun? 
Around 8am to 5pm everyday, for 5 days!

3) What were the activities you did during your Siargao trip? 
Surfing, island hopping, and lots of swimming!

4) How did your change of skin color affect your everyday life? 
I actually have dark skin anyway, but this time my issue is it is more of uneven because I wore a short-sleeve rashguard for surfing. Also, my officemates weren't used to my darker skin, lol.  They kept on asking san ako galing, haha!

5) What are you doing to get back to your original color?
Honestly, I use Kojie San soap, then the Kojie San lotion after bathing, to moisturize my skin. I like that IT DOES NOT PEEL MY SKIN, but just moisturize and even it out.

6) What's your favorite Kojie San product/s and why?
Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap, Body Lightening Lotion, and Face Lightening Cream! Pantay padin ang kulay, while it lightens my skin.


Be confident and go to more adventures this summer, without worrying about getting darker! Bring your skin to light with Kojie San, available at leading supermarkets, drug stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide. 

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Special thanks to my Ate for your pictures and stories! :)

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