Road Trip to Pampanga with Shell V-Power Nitro+

Monday, June 13, 2016

There is no denying that traveling is big right now. We travel hopefully not just to post good photos on Instagram, but also to widen our perspectives and experiences. 

It is recommend that we see (or experience) something new at least once a month. But because flying isn't always possible (with busy schedules and financial constraints), I am glad that we can always take a road trip!

Went to a surprise but very well-organized road trip with Shell V-Power Nitro+ last June 7. We met up early at Wildflour in Salcedo Village, where breakfast and coffee were immediately served to all the guests.

Ahhh, love the fried potatoes! Wish I live nearer so I can have Wildflour breakfasts everyday! Hehe.

When everyone's complete, we all went to our assigned vehicles - all Mazda CX-5, fueled with Shell V-Power Nitro+!

Safety is super important sooo... Fasten your seatbelts, and off we go!!!
My car-mates Mother Earth and Nicole! We all enjoyed each other's company + our assigned Kuya driver! He has an interesting life story, which was perfect when you're on a long road trip!

Since we expected longer time on the road, a Shell stop-over is essential. Usually, I buy snacks and water in Select, or food in the available fast food chains. Meanwhile, dad will have the car checked or magpapa-gas muna. It's also the perfect time for a CR break!
We all gathered in front of Select before heading back to our vehicles, and were assigned to our teams. Super happy to be grouped with Mother Earth and Nicole again, yehey!

Running back to our car, and ready to go!

Halfway to our destination, we ended up snacking on chips and chocolates, had more social media time, before finally taking a nap to energize for the day's surprise activities.

Before we knew it, we were already riding Giant Swings in Sandbox Porac, Pampanga!

Weeee! Nicole and I went first! It was my first time to try this, and the experience was super exhilarating! I can do this all-over again, haha! And true enough, they allowed me to ride the Giant Swing three times! Hahaha, thanks guys!

Next challenge was archery, which was also fun and challenging! My 2.25 near-sighted vision did not hinder me to pop a balloon and hit at least one bull's eye! Yey!

The competitive girls, hahaha! Mother is super good, nakakahawa siyang katabi! Nicole was also able to hit the target, we were super giddy and supportive teammates! Hehe!

The final challenge was a mini Scavenger's Hunt / Q&A where we had to look around the Sandbox area for the questions. With team effort, and paired with Speed Magazine (yehey!), we were able to finish and answer everything fast! Had our break + french fries while waiting for the rest. 

Photo op with all the teams! Good job to all of us guys!

 We stopped over at Apu Restaurant (still in Pampanga) for late lunch. Stuffed ourselves with kare-kare, nilaga, leche flan, and other Kapampangan cuisines before hitting the road again for a longer drive home (traffic na, hehe).

We reached The Spa BGC late night already, but I was more than excited to relax and have a much-needed massage.

The girls are ready for some pamper session! Parang may briday shower lang a, hehe! 

Here's what I learned from this experience:

1) Driving is a skill that I've long been putting off for so long. I have to be serious now, I must enrol in a driving school before the year ends! Nakakahiya na, haha!

2) Road trips are more fun regardless of who you are with, as long as these people are ready to have fun, have plenty of stories, and are always filled with laughter!

3) Bring snacks and lots of water, the traffic and weather is really unpredictable these days.

4) Everyone has different interests, and that's okay! Personally, I am more open to trying new things. I'd like to think that I am a little of the two types of road trippers: The Regional Explorer (adventures form atv, to trekking, etc, and the Neighborhood Wanderer (more chill, quick city getaway like spa or food trip).

5) Always be ready. Prepare your itinerary and map (Waze + printed out in case of bad internet). Make sure your car is loaded to avoid derailing while on the road. Check and make sure your communication networks are a-okay in case you needed to contact people for emergencies.

Me trying to look like I am driving the Mazda CX-5, haha! SOON. PROMISE.

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Check out my Shell Pampanga adventure on Instagram (with video, haha!) by going to #FuelConnections. 
Special thanks to Paolo and Therese of EON! :)

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