Happy Birthday Pax!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I realized that I've been to a lot of Pax's birthdays for the past years that we've been friends, one of them was even held in Victoria Court! Haha! We're looong time blog friends....and I am proud of it! I've lost count how many times I've cried in front of Pax because of my dramas, or how many times we've fought (haha!). But in the end, I am happy that we always end up even closer - I can't wait for the next events, trips, and experiences we will have on her new year!

As per tradition, went to Pax's birthday celebration in an Airbnb home in Paranaque, even though it's not commutable! Can't miss this.

A photo from Pax's VC birthday last year, hehehe:

Some of the few photos I was able to take during her birthday:

Thank you Ava for the ride! Was also with Gersh and Tracy during the whole 3-hour traffuck from Ayala to Paranaque. Was able to rest and also catch-up.. So all good!

The "party place" is a huge Airbnb house with a swimming pool, with 5 birthday celebrants (Pax's friends and cousins). It was raining so we just had our dinner and drinks at the sala area.

Learned that part of Pax's handa was from The Party Kitchen. They have party plates that cost less than Php 500 -- super sulit I think because you don't have to cook too much na! During parties, ang haggard when you are also in charge of the kitchen. But iba padin talaga noh pag lutong bahay? The Party Kitchen's dishes make it seem like you prepared the food and hindi tinake out lang from the mall! Posting their sites for future reference: FACEBOOK and Instagram @thepartykitchenph.

For the rest of the night, we stayed upstairs with our food and drinks in one of the 5 rooms of the house. We talked about so much stuff from getting a tattoo, to our wild adventures, to artista chismis... it felt like time went by too fast.

Anyway, ending this post on why I love Paxie:

1) She makes working on Bloggers United seem easy. We had our fights, but we always patch things up before proceeding with the day. I don't know how we do it! But I am happy we are both peace makers.

2) Pax will listen to her friends no matter what. She also gives the most sensible pieces of advice when it comes to love life issues (not mine, but still!) haha! I always hear her when we talk to a problematic friend. Based on experience ba? Hehe!

3) She styles me even when we're not together! When I was living in a dorm for a month, I had limited clothing and shoes with me. So I always ask help from Pax if my styling is ok - as in we Viber photos back and forth till stylist approved na ako!

4) Pax will always end a Viber convo with "Labyuuuu!". I am not the expressive type, so thank you for making things easier for me as I can just reply with "Love you too!" :) Haha!

5) Pax is an honest friend. You'll hear not what you want to hear, but what she sincerely thinks - no BS. She's so bad at lying, nabubuking kaagad Secret Santa nya HAHAHA!

6) Pax is naturally good at what she does: Fashion Styling! I am proud of how far she is now when it comes to her prenup styling career.

7) We have 1 million adventure and funny stories to tell to our new friends! Some of our favorites na sawang sawa na friends namin: Our cliff diving in Boracay, and the time when she took a mashed potato from my plate and accidentally also got the garter for my braces HAHAHA!!! Classic!

8) Pax can sing! Hahaha, next videoke paalala nyo to sa kanya (Alone ang favorite piece nya, hahaha).

9) Pax is very loving to her family. I like that's she's tight with her cousins, and talks about them fondly. She reminds me of family time and setting priorities whenever we plot our events sched. 

And lastly, 10) Pax is naturally funny, she's the light and life of the party! I can only dream of having half of her humor, but it's our "Yin Yang" personalities that made us click and remain friends (girl friends!!!). 

Happy birthday Pax! :) To many more!


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    1. Hahaha!!! Sya mismo mag bubuking sa sarili niya hahaha! :D

  2. I love, Paxieness!! :) Can't wait to see you guys again!!!

  3. See you sooon! <3 Thanks again for the ride! <3


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