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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I was supposed to post this before my Puerto Princesa trip, but time was the enemy. Before the beach and the itch (to travel again), I was addicted to a lot of things that does not in any way include setting my feet out of the house (haha!). In short, I was a big homebody. Anyway...

This made me go out of my (wo)man cave! Haha!

To list down some of my current addictions, these include:

1) Netflix's Stranger Things

Which I finished in 2 or 3 days via the free one month Netflix subscription. I'm addicted! Haha! The kids are "friendship goals", it's easy to fall in love with all the characters and the series' over-all plot and aesthetics!

2) Good Morning Call

After finishing Stranger Things in less than a week, I wanted to maximize my free Netflix subscription so I picked a random show. I chanced upon Good Morning Call, which has the F4 / Meteor Garden vibe going on. It turns out to be a Japanese drama or "Japanovela" that made me cry every night, haha!

And of course, 3) Art Journaling!

You can call it diary writing or scrapbooking, we like to call it "Hobonichi" to pay tribute to the brand that rekindled our interest in this kind of journaling. More on this in Ashley's blog post.

As for me, I've always been a diary girl. All my day-to-day life, down to my secrets, were recorded in notebooks and scraps / tissue papers since I was in Grade 1. Like Ashley, my first diary is a Hello Kitty which my parents gave to me from their Japan trip. I drew and wrote, and even tried to bury it in our garden copying a scene from a local telenovela. HAHA!

Since then, I tried different medium to jot down my feels, until blogging came about in my life. Now, I seldom write with pen and paper, but my blog is my constant. I've met great people, experienced unthinkable things because of this online journal!

Anyway, back to that day that ended my hibernation mode, my new fam met up before an event at the Century Mall so we can "Hobonichi" or Art Journal together. We decided to dine in Le Petit Souffle because Ashley and I are addicted to their fried mushroom dish! Thank you to their nice staff for allowing us to make a little mess in the area!

We call ourselves Japan In Manila! From posting random Japan finds and experiences here in the country, we plan to also have regular art journaling sessions together.

God bless this Mess! I am so happy that on our very first meeting, we already have a sponsor (haha!). Thank you @PaperBlushPH for our washi tapes, colorful pouches, printed papers, pens, and other art materials! They have all sorts of kawaii stationery, and are very much supportive with our hobby. Arigato, Paper Blush!

Aside from the sponsored items, we also had fun trading our personal stickers, washi, pens, etc! It's like being in Grade School all over again! I used to bring an envelope of thingamajigs for trading with my classmates, haha!

The only requirement on that day was to bring your own notebook! Meet the fam:


Busy!? I finished my food and coffee first before starting with my page because #priorities. ;p Decided to just make one about our first meeting, hehe. Brought my Instax Share with me so we can also print out our photos.

Showing off our day's output: 

Personal Impressions:

This is my first time to art journal in a group. Usually I do these things at home, during my free time. Although bringing a lot of things can be a hassle for a commuter, I enjoyed the experience as we get to share not only our art materials, but also our stories and even tips! Where to buy this, what to use with that, etc. There are no rules, actually! It is therapeutic to work on something, a project, outside your phone and laptop.

"Let's be introverts together", and I liked it! As Sarah puts it, "I love this club! Walang keme-keme, kawaii lang!" Haha!

Headed out to check out notebooks, stickers, and other art journal materials:

Where to next? :) Follow us on FACEBOOK, Instagram and Twitter @JapanInManila for updates!

I want to sit in tandem silence
And know that it is NOT awkward.
I want to walk, and read,
and dream together.

- Introvert Spring

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