AirAsia Travel Photographer 2016 in Macau!

Monday, September 12, 2016

I am so invested in the Air Asia Travel Photographer 2016 contest now, feeling ko I am part of the whole contest! Haha! I loved seeing the entries of my dear friend and pambato Dave Poblete during their final leg in Macau, no less! I suppose they change the location so visa won't be an issue? Anyway, back to the contest! Sharing Dave's shots, along with my final blog interview with him.


Tell us, how's the experience so far?

It was one for the books! Since this is the first time I joined a competition, everything was memorable. The challenges we had to go through were called challenges for a reason. It allowed me to know my limits more and how to overcome them.

What are the things you find more attractive to take pictures of during the challenge?

People in action. There's a sense of fulfilment whenever I get to capture emotions while these people do what they do. 


Moving Subject:

Are there any difficulties you've encountered so far? How did you deal with them?

Being intimidated by my co-contenders. I know that it's all in my head so I just focus and try to have fun. But there were moments when I almost broke down out of frustration.

Are you always with your fellow finalists? Is there a sort of tension now that this is the final leg, or it's just pure friendly competition?

When out of challenges, I'm always with my fellow finalists. During challenges, of course there's a bit of tension but the bond we have formed sort of overpowers it. I have to say that they are among the best parts of the trip. I'm happy to have found friends in them.

Any memorable experiences in Macau, good or bad?

I guess getting lost while we were at St. Paul Ruins was memorable. I'm really quite good with directions. Haha! Other than that, all good memories! There were no dull moments with my fellow finalists and even the crew!


Big Challenge:


Important lessons you've gained during the contest?

You have to go with your gut and trust what you know you do best. I guess one of the challenges I faced was trying so hard to find inspirations for my work when I should be channeling what I already know into my work. The lesson I learned from our coaches is a different story. They were simply amazing and what make them awesome is that they are always ready to give us a helping hand.

Now palang, congratulations Dave! In just a short span of time, I am glad to have known someone so dedicated with his art, but is open about his weaknesses and what needs improvement. I've seen how you've grown through this contest, and that made you a winner already! 

The voting for People's Choice is extended! Please do vote for Dave Poblete HERE. Excited for the announcement of winner on Thursday, best of luck!

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