Lucky Manzano for Shakey's

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Shakey's decided to find a special someone who will best represent what they stand for and the special connection they have with their guests. And that special someone is a self-confessed Shakey’s fan himself.... Luis Manzano! 

“Luis is fun. He can be everyone’s friend. His character and personality very much relates to the brand. He loves his family and he has a great network of friends,” shares Ghena Austero, Marketing Manager of Shakey’s Philippines. 

The brand chose Luis Manzano not only because of his funny, lovable personality but, more importantly, because he is a true and authentic fan of Shakey’s. Something that Guests can ultimately relate to. 

“He loves our Pepperoni pizza. Luis will be a good representation of everyone’s favorite Shakey’s moments.”

With Luis as partner to Shakey’s, the brand hopes to reach out more to their Guests, to encourage them to make their own Shakey’s moments, whether if it’s for after-school bonding with friends, a midnight snack delivery with the siblings, or having Sunday lunch with the family. 

Austero explains, “We hope that with Luis, our Guests will be able to share more of their own Shakey’s moments. We aim to connect even more with our Guests, build new relationships, and share more fun moments. We believe that by having Luis on board, he will be able to help us achieve these goals.”

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