Japan In Manila: TICKLES

Saturday, September 10, 2016

With no intentions to do so, we're having more regular gatherings for Japan in Manila. Aside from spotting places to shop and eat that reminds us of our Japan trips, we also settle in a restaurant or cafe for an hour or so just to create art journal pages (Japan "Hobonichi" inspired) and trade stickers, washi tapes, and what-nots. Every meeting is inspiring and feel-good, no wonder it's turning out to be a constant thing for me and my friends lately!

Yesterday, Ava and I met up early in SM Megamall to check out the new Tickles flagship store:

But before that, we had lunch in Sushi Nori. Supposedly, I was craving for Japanese curry so Ava and I went to Eri Curry only to find out it is closed na. :( Anyway, Sushi Nori is located at the Mega Fashion Hall food court. Love the variety they offer, the vegetarian options, and the affordable price.

After stuffing ourselves, Ava and I are ready to shop! We went to SM Megamall Building A; Tickles is near Blue Magic and Toy Kingdom.

For a weekday, Tickles was a hit. These ladies availed the gumball machine by the store's entrance:

I've known Tickles since my grade school years. It was my go-to store for premium stationery, stickers, and Lisa Frank items. I used to bring this collection to school for trading with my classmates. 

Just recently, I learned about Japan's wastelands during my travels - A huge store that carries anything and everything under the sun. A sign that a country is progressive, they say, is when wastelands are thriving. People afford to buy things just because. 

Anyway, with my Japan addiction and my new "club", it's nice to go back inside my favorite wasteland from childhood:

I like the festive, new look: carnival-themed! Everything's neatly arranged too.

We just had this for lunch! Haha, ready to shop with Ava:

It's easy to get overwhelmed inside Tickles! Here are some of my finds during yesterday's visit:

A section for magic tricks and pranks:

Stuffed toys that even young adult wants (hello bibe and unicorn!):

Animal stationery, mugs, pouches, etc. Sobrang classic Tickles the stationery - but they only carry a few now! Hope they'll add more (and stickers).

Travel bag organizers, animal-themed items:

"Food Porn" section:

Party essentials (I like this section):

Ava explained to me the half-body pillow in plaid polo, so the sawi have someone to hug at night, hahaha!

They also carry cool patches:

Giant pencil and pen:

And this cute carousel display (should have gotten one):

After almost an hour, we're finally ready to pay for our purchase:

Sharing to you what I got:

1) A rainbow slinky that reminded me of another childhood toy, 2) Robot shaped pen, 3) Cat and dog stationery pads, 4) Poof pen in pink, 5) Some patches, 6) Pizza pouch, 7) Color pencils for our "hobonichi" sessions, 8) Tattoo gel pens that might come in handy, and 9) A poo emoji pillow! 

Still on same day, we headed to Greenhills for our late journaling meeting. For this session, we were joined by some of our old friends (Tracy, Tin, Pax), and Sarah's daughter Nikola. It was a sort of rumble jumble reunion, art journaling intro, and food trip in one! Haha.

As always, notebooks, stickers, and coloring materials occupied our table more than food. Haha! We added our new kawaii Tickles stuff to the pile! Yey!

Nikola playing with my Tickles poo emoji pillow with Pax:

We ended the day with a very Japan In Manila dinner in Dohtonbori. It was a busy, rainy day... 

.. But one filled with good vibes and love (ayyy!). Class dismissed! :)

Visit Tickles at the Lower Ground Level of SM Megamall Building A. 
Follow them on FACEBOOK and Instagram @tickles_ph.
Follow our group on Twitter and Instagram @japaninmanila.


  1. What a happy day! :) a great start to the long weekend!

  2. ANG SAYA NITO! Nakakamiss kayo lalo <3 Will consult with you for my Japan trip this Dec, big sis <3

    1. YES! :) And papayag lang ako if face to face consultation! :) Hehehe see you sooon!


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