Thoughts from the Former "Fashionista Commuter"

Saturday, October 29, 2016

My former blog name was Fashionista Commuter. I used to commute a lot and I mean, walks, buses and trains level instead of taxi. Grab and Uber were then non-existent, so I was afraid of cabs because of one-too-many jumping meter experiences. Changing from one transportation to another was tiring, but in a way, it developed skills and personality. I became more street smart and I say this because I used to be in an all-girls school with sundo-hatid school bus.

Now I can go wherever I want to go without relying too much or being dependent on certain things. I am proud of this. Some are afraid of going to Divisoria or Binondo because they are scared, but there are jewels in those places that I once in a while crave to go back to. You also discover new things in every visit! In a way, this exploration part in me never changed. From going around Metro Manila, I now enjoy traversing the world.

To fashionista commuters reading this, maximize your exploration by doing your research. This can be through browsing online sites like blogs and trip advisors during your free time, or when stuck in traffic, or before sleeping. Take down notes. I enjoy reading these things to discover what I should try or what I can let go of. Another way of researching is asking your friends who've been there already. I value opinions from different people, and travel talks are always the best!

During travels, commute. Riding the city train, trying out the tap-card buses enable you to mingle with locals and experience how they go about daily. I especially love riding trains whenever I am abroad because it allows me to go on unexpected stop-overs whenever I want (as oppose to riding taxi or joining tour groups and having no choice but go straight to your planned destination). Also, be prepared to WALK A LOT.

Be open to change of plans. Create your itinerary, but be open to what the world wants for you at the moment.

Packing light is not always necessarily right. Pack according to your personal needs. I know friends who pre-plan their outfits (and have "dress rehearsals"), but I enjoy packing several pieces that will mix-and-match together no matter what - and just base my outfit on the day's weather, itinerary, and mood. I also enjoying buying and wearing these purchases during travels. To each his own, but to me, this is part of the fun. I just make sure that I have a bit of a theme (autumn colors, all black, etc) so that every piece will jive.

And lastly, be prepared. Please! Do not add footwear to your stress: JUST WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! You will not regret it. Currently enjoying my Skechers Go Walk in black because it has memory foam that cushions my every step, nice lining that feels cool and soft to my feet even for a closed shoes, and they are in black so I can pair them with almost any outfit! Sharing my Korea Spring Outfits.

Currently in La Union again so these photos were all taken yesterday. I will never get tired of LU, and the more I go here and get to know this province, the more that I fall in love with it. Everything's easy going. The people are very welcoming. Walking from Circle Hostel and Tagpuan area to El Union or Flotsam makes me happy. Everything here satisfies the explorer in me, and that, without having to go too far from home.


  1. I'm enjoying this blog of yours, especially those entries that feature LU. I hope i can visit LU too.

    1. Thank you! :) Happy to hear this! I-bucketlist na yan! :)


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