Sunday, December 11, 2016

If anything, I am grateful that my parents built me in becoming street smart

I was confined for years in an all-girls school, taking the school bus before and after my classes. "Commute" to me that time means taking the cab. When I stepped into college, my mom and dad allowed me to really commute. I can still remember the first days where my mom will join me as I ride the tricycle, jeepney, bus, and then another jeep for 2 hours just to reach university.  A few days later, she will just let me go on my own.

The rush excites me, the feeling of not knowing what will happen next made me nervous. But all the wins and boo-boos that came from all those commutes prepared me for what lies ahead.

From being a long-haul commuter, I am now an Urban Jetsetter!

This tangerine Urbanize backpack may look small, but it actually fits three days worth of clothes during my La Union Surf Break trip last October. It carried my surfing clothes, beach outfits, slippers, and other essentials, but still looks compact and stylish!

Sharing some photos during the surf break!


Although just a day-trip, I used this Urbanize gray backpack during my recent visit to Tagaytay. It carried not only my mirrorless camera, but also my laptop! It looks sleek, with nice brown suede detail. Plus the thick straps of the backpack are not only sturdy, but also helped balance the weight of what I was actually carrying.

Sharing some photos of this Tagaytay day-trip!

In all these travels, I made sure I stay hydrated by bringing my Hydrapak (right)--which is a soft, flexible flask that you can fold and fit to your pocket. It's not only convenient to bring, sturdy and spill-proof, but it also saves me money from buying bottled water all the time! 

Meanwhile, when just at home, I use my Artiart suction mug (left) while working--especially when near my laptop. Even though I recklessly shove my mug, it will not topple down easily with its suction technology! Saves my gadgets from getting wet!

And lastly, the organizers and gadget accessories available in Urbanize are definite life savers. Whether it's for the urban jungle or when I am traveling, the pouch bags keep all my essentials organized and in one place. The Qliplet hook frees my hands so I can do more, while gadgets and accessories from Elecom provides cutting edge technologies helpful for my everyday lifestyle.

 My goal is to own a cool backpack from Fjall Raven, slim wallet from YAY, an ultra light carryon bag from Cabin Zero, and anti-theft bags from PacSafe! By then, I can say that I am a full-fledged Urban Jetsetter!

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