Yeomiji Botanical Garden, Jeju Island

Monday, December 05, 2016

Since my main agenda for this trip was to catch any signs of what's left from Autumn, I decided to go to a garden first thing in the morning during my first (and only) full day in Jeju Island. 

Looking forward to technically my third day in Korea, I slept a bit late in my dormitory the night before, researching recommended places. It turns out that with early closing time for most establishments, and an hour worth of bus rides, a day-trip to Jeju is not enough to see everything. I have to decide which places to take and let go, then took down notes on my phone with my routes and target schedule.

The next day, I woke up to my 5:30am alarm (or 6:30am in Korean time), and speedily prepared for the day. I think I was the first one up in our room. I had no plans to stay for breakfast, but the moment I went down just to check out what they serve in the guesthouse, the warm food pushed me to a seat so I can enjoy my first meal.

Set-up is buffet style, where they served foods like kimchi which I am not so accustomed to eat early in the morning. I missed my sinangag at itlog, hehe! Anyway, I liked their version of goto. I also can't find the coffee.

With full and warm tummy, I was out and about! Like the other days, it was super cold but I like it. I was prepared for my commute with gloves, heat pack, neck scarf, a fully charged phone, and my rented Flytpack router.

Walking at the streets of Jeju heading to the bus station is so so peaceful and pleasant, everything's so nice and clean! I forgot which bus I took, but you can just ask at the bus terminal counter while showing a photo of your specific destination.

The bus stops at the Jungnum Resort, which is a huge compound of Jeju's tourist attractions an hour away from the guesthouse.

I was the only one who got off the bust, so I thought that it's either too early or it's not yet peak season? Anyway, with no one to ask for directions, I navigated my way to the Yeomiji Botanical Garden with the help of my Google Maps.

Located in Seogwipo, Jungmun Island's (or also known as Jungnum Tourist Complex) popular attractions include both indoor museums and nature. There is something for everyone.

- Teddy Bear Museum
- Ripley's Believe It Or Not
- Chocolate Land
- Alive Museum
- Play K-Pop

Cheonjeyeon Falls
- Jusangjeolli Cliff
-Yeomiji Botanical Garden

You can go around by taxi, rented car (with driver), or by walking around as some of the attractions are just walking distance to each other. Now I realized that I should have rented a car with driver for the day, which I ended up doing mid-way anyway. I am not sure about bus routes around the complex, plus if you're pressed with time, it will be time consuming to wait for the bus. Having your own transportation is the way to go.

Spotted sooo many of these stone statues, or the Dol hareubangs, which I later on learned are Jeju's gods of protection and fertility.

They are everywhere!

Most of the roads were still empty, so I decided to set-up my tripod and practice my self-timer skills!

Alive Museum:


I was walking aimlessly for a good 30 minutes. I can't seem to find Yeomiji's entrance, although my map is telling me that I am already in the area. I had to go around the vicinity to find the gate! 

The Yeomiji Botanical Garden is dubbed as the best botanical garden in Asia. It was established in the late 80s, offering both indoor and outdoor gardens to tourists and locals. It is open from 9am to 6pm (last admission at 5:30pm), with entrance fee of 9000 Won (or Php 380).

Again, I felt that I was too early as I entered the vicinity by myself, and paid my ticket without going through long lines--definitely not complaining!

Took several dramatic self-timer shots (haha) because, again, it was my only chance to do so without getting judged by passersby! It felt like I owned the whole garden as I hopped from one section to the next. My one and only OOTD for this trip, pero quotang quota naman ako dito! Every corner is photogenic!

Sharing the different outdoor gardens in Yeomiji:

Japanese Garden

Reminds me of my Osaka-Kyoto trips.

Korean Garden

The perfect setting for my favorite K-Dramas.

French Garden

Sooo nice! Fresh out of Disney feels!


Italian Garden

Rustic, and also has its own charm. Would have worn a dainty dress and enjoyed a cup of tea here if I had the chance! Haha!

Indoor Garden

Inside the spaceship-like dome are gardens separated by glass with the following categories: Flower Garden, Water Lily Garden, Jungle Garden, Subtropical Fruits Garden, and the cute Cactus and Succulent Garden. There's also an Observation Platform at the topmost.

Learned that Jeju Island is also known for delicious mandarin oranges:

The huge cactus are so cute and unreal! Haha, pede bang uwiin pang flatlay? ;D

Hydrangeas, my current favorite flowers, in different unique colors:

Using my maps, I also looked for the nearby Seonim Bridge (or the Seven Nymphs Bridges), before heading out for my next agenda.

To be continued...

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