Museums in Jeju Island, Korea

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Here's what I realized about Jeju Island: It takes an hour or so to get to places. You have to plot your schedule well, or make your visit longer (3-5 days). Since I am still learning from experience, I had to maximize just one full day in Jeju. The night before that one full day, I researched and created a game plan. It's hard to go to all these top TridAdvisor places, so I just went to the ones that were highly recommended and near each other. Most of them are museums.

So I dropped off the stop near Jungnum Resort and tried to navigate my way around the area using my Google Maps and Flytpack portable internet. As in I just walked around! My first agenda was to catch autumn at the Yeomiji Botanical Garden. After that, I walked around the compound as it says online that there are walkable museums in the area.

Passed by Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Alive Museum (world's largest optical art illusion theme park).

Chocolate Land (second largest chocolate museum in the world).

Now here are the Jeju museums that I was able to explore:

Teddy Bear Museum (TeSeum)
9am - 6pm, 10,000 Won
Teddy Bear Museum Jeju Discounted Ticket

The name says it all, it's a huge museum filled with all sorts of teddy bears. This one is recommended by one of my friends on Facebook, as it features stuffed bears from the oldest, to the most expensive, smallest and tallest, and even random bears depicting pop culture, different countries, artists, and history. Some looks so creepy or weird, which makes the museum legit.

I'd say, it's a unique site, but there's just so much to see. They even have a small theater with a singing and dancing Elvis bear. The guests were of various age groups, mostly locals who take selfies with the collections. Not so much of a fan of bears, so I went around for about 30 minutes tops. At least this is already ticked off from my Jeju places to see!

Play K-Pop
9am - 6pm, 15,000 Won
PLAY KPOP Discounted Ticket

Jeju Jungnum Resort's newest attractions, Play K-Pop features hologram concerts, photo booths, and exhibits dedicated to K-Pop music fans. Much like the MBC tour in Seoul, I think!

I wasn't able to enter the exhibit anymore, but I had my lunch at their cafe before totally leaving the Jungnum vicinity.

Van Gogh Inside: Festival of Light and Music
6:20am - 10pm, 12,000 Won

My favorite among all the museums in Jeju, Van Gogh Inside is open for a limited time only (April 17, 2017). It features the life and works of this famous painter through huge LED projections, play of lights, and appropriate music transitions. My favorite parts are the interactive sections, and of course the souvenir shop! Starry night overload! More on this HERE.

Hello Kitty Island
9am - 8pm, 12,000 Won
Hello Kitty Island Jeju Discounted Ticket

What to expect: Kitty History Hall, Art Education Hall, World Gallery Hall, Music Education Hall, Trip Around the World Hall, Consellation Hall, 3D Theater, etc. For big Hello Kitty fans, this indoor immersive museum is dedicated to this well-loved Japanese character!

What I enjoyed: The Hello Kitty themed room, the 1993 Hello Kitty toys that I once had, and of course, had coffee and brownie at a legit Hello Kitty Cafe! So kawaii!

O'sulloc Museum
9am - 6pm, FREE

I had no plans in going to the O'sulloc Museum, but my cab driver coming from Van Gogh Inside to Hello Kitty offered his whole day service and suggested that I have to go there for tea. And since the O'sulloc green tea spread is really on my list for this trip, and I still had plenty of time, I went on with it.

The O in o'sulloc means to appreciate and enjoy. The museum features a tea cup gallery, the brand's story, and an observatory where visitors can view the green tea fields. Went there just to buy powdered green tea and the green tea spread--which are very popular Jeju products. 

Felt so accomplished after going to 1 park and 5 museums in just one day!

Again, there's still so much to see around Jeju, and choosing the museums, I kind of deprived myself from the nature side of the island. I got a glimpse though on my way back to the dormitory, again, thanks to my super nice cab driver for the side trips! Thank you Kuya you're the best! You can check out this Jeju Taxi Tour I found online. Will post these Jeju beach and mountain stopovers on my next entry. 

If there's still so much to see, then I guess as travellers always put it: More reasons to go back again to Jeju one more time! Maybe next year? :)

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