Oh, Hongdae!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

When the plane landed at the Incheon International Airport, I heard gasps from a few people around me. I looked out from the window next to me and saw it ... The first snow of the year in Korea.

I tried to keep it cool, but of course, the Pinoy in me got so excited I started to take not photos but videos! Haha! Of course (lol), I sent these vids to all my groups-- family, friends, it's snowing in Korea!

Ecstatic with the good sign, I took the train, and double checked with the weather app. I want to be 💯 sure and mamaya baka ulan lang pala yun hahaha. It did showed that there's snowfall that day.

From the train, I went off at the Hongik University Station and found myself in Hongdae--the place bustling with Korean youths off to school, cafes, clubs, shopping sites, art galleries, etcetera. The place is brimming with modern Korean culture, it felt so so nice to be there at the center of it all!

It's snowing, I was pulling my heavy maleta and backpack, navigating my way to my apartment room for the night. But I took this selfie to one day remind me of how happy I was at that moment!

So my room is literally just a BOX! No windows, a small bed, aircon, and a rod with few hangers to hang my coats on the side. My opened maleta wouldn't even fit the room, so I had to place it on top of the bed just to pack or get my clothes!

Saw this in Agoda (Dustin Guesthouse), and of course, I wouldn't mind staying here again if I am going to travel solo back in Korea! It is conveniently located at the center of Korea's street music scene at night, and sandwiched between interesting Korean restaurants and makeup stores! Best budget place to be in my books!

But of course, there are downsides! The place is at the third or fourth floor of the building, so I had difficulty bringing CARRYING my maleta without elevators. They also use passcodes and not keys on their doors, which I find scary since others can hear my code I was afraid someone might break in the room easily. I wonder if they change it for every new guest? And of course, the thought of living in a box might be uncomfortable to some, it did tickled my claustrophobia, but just a little! As long as I have the privacy, I am okay. Oh, and CR is common, so if you're iffy with that, then this place is not for you.

Best part though is the price, and malaking bagay yun! I only paid for Php 1452 for one night, booked last minute and already inclusive of taxes and extra charges already. Again, place is conveniently located, I easily checked-in and left for my MBC World tour.

It was nighttime when I got back from Digital Media City, and after Googling and finding out that the sheep cafe is still open, I decided to finally try it! (Read my short Hongdae visit last Spring HERE).

Don't miss it, pababa sya ng stairs. You'll see the fat pair of sheeps right away just outside the entrance to the coffee place.

Thanks Nature Cafe is said to be the first sheep cafe, a place featured in Korean show "We Got Married". Interiors of the shop is very rustic and warm, super welcoming especially during cold season. As with any animal cafe, you have to order to be able to visit their sheep. I ordered hot latte first but gulped it down in less that 10 minutes, HAHA! Excited for the softiesss!

Meet Lulu and Lala! Who wouldn't love this place - lots of woods and lights!

A photo with the owner when they're still babies, sobrang cute!

Hello! 😍 They do make the BAAAHHHH sound, and minsan nakakagulat kasi ang lakas pala!

Asked a couple for a photo after I took some for them (suma-style! 😂), but it was difficult to take a decent one with the sheep! They're so big and they don't run naman, but they move all the time! Haha!

Wag niyo ako iwan please! 😂

Sheep selfie!

Stayed at the cafe for a while before deciding to walk around Hongdae again. Had a short encounter with the owner where he showed me how he feeds his babies and clean up the stable. It was super cute because the sheep always follow him, and he easily hugs them (sakin kasi tumatakbo sila, haha!).

Back at the streets, entered the different Korean cosmetic shops to swatch and canvass. Nakakaloka lang coz while doing this I was Vibering with my high school friends to compare the price sa Althea Korea, and most of the products mas mura parin sa Althea!!! Papano! Hahaha!

Nakakatuwa to, and most definitely one of the highlights for me! On my last night in Korea, I encountered why Hongdae is one of the well-loved places in Seoul. Right ACROSS my apartment was a street where different performers just do their thing right next to each other, while small crowds form for each of the "stage". 

Everyone has their own audience. Everyone did their own style. They are not popular people, but they have an audience screaming, taking videos, and dancing with them. I super love it! I stayed for a while since I live near, moving from one performance to the next. A cute song-and-dance boy group captured young girls hearts, that during their break I actually saw people asking for selfies with them!

Again, it feels sad to finish a travel blog post series, and yet, how fulfilling it is to know that I've got the most important details covered so I can go back to these days again in the future. Pictures are not enough to go back to all the feelings felt on my first solo travel! Truly, I write "to taste life twice".

When I had enough K-Pop, I walked and walked and walked in my new favorite part of Seoul, till my feet got hurt, before calling it a night. 💛


  1. I always love your Korea posts Ate Ana <3 Korea holds dear to my heart :) I just hope I get to visit it soon. Super lucky to experience the first snowfall in Korea!!! They say that on the first snowfall you should confess your love to that special someone!! (Nasobrahan na ata ako ng K-dramas haha!)

    1. Thank you Arianna! :) Now I love Korea so so much after experiencing it 2x. I want to go back again in 2017! Haha! Thank you again for reading! <3

  2. This post makes me want to visit Hongdae when I visit Korea again! Thanks! :)

  3. waah. I loooove Hongdae's energy and vibe! Sooo excited to visit this place again. <3
    Can I ask what was the weather when you visited Seoul this time? We're visiting SoKor late Nov and as per checking, temp will be around 0-10 degrees C. Kinda worried about the cold cause it's always hot here in PH! I want to buy a coat that's slightly above the knee. I saw a wool coat in Bershka online that's about 2.6k pesos. And they say that a decent coat in Korea is around 40-60k krw which is around 2-3k pesos na din. Yun lang, there are a lot of trendier options from buying there. How about your outfits? Where did you buy yours? Thank you! :)


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