MBC World: A K-Drama Tour in Seoul

Thursday, December 22, 2016

My flight back to Seoul was rather uneventful compared to my flight to Jeju. It also felt fast, but time in Korea (or when traveling in general) is also running, I arrived in my Hongdae box room and it was past lunch already! After leaving my luggage, I ran outside to (once again!) maximize the rest of the day.

The game plan? To visit South Korea's broadcasting capital: Digital Media City.

Autumn sighting during my walk to MBC--one of Korea's largest TV network!

No one taught me about Korea's Digital Media City or MBC's tour. I just read it up online and find that the timing to go there is perfect since I've been to most of Korea's tourist spots already last Spring. Something new! Also, I am in the middle of my K-Drama craze, so yep, perfect!! For your convenience, you can also check out this MBC World Guided Tour: Hallyu (K-wave) Theme Park.

From the Digital Media City train station, I walked to the city's center using my Google Maps and Flytpack internet connection. It is unexpectedly a bit far from the train station, so again, what will I do without my Flytpack!!!

I chanced upon Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun's photo channeling her character from My Love From Another Star, Cheon Song-yi, who loves Chicken and Beer!! Love her, to me she's the prettiest! I'm currently watching Legend of the Blue Sea.

Song Joong-Ki endorses this beer, and his photos are EVERYWHERE!

The autumn tree where I took my selfie:

I knew I was on the right place when I saw the buildings of giant Korean networks: MBC, SBS, and KBS! Pwede pala mastarstruck sa lugar! ๐Ÿ˜‚

CJ E&M Center is the home of tvN, OliveTV, and Mnet--where you can watch the K-Pop show hosted by Key from SHINee and Jung-sin Lee from FT Island. Learned that studio is open to the public every Thursdays, on first come first served basis.

I walked further and easily spotted the Star Park, a short street lined with K-Pop and K-Drama stars' handprint and autograph. Of course I observed and tried to recognize some of them.

K-Pop Stars BoA and Rain:

Shin Hye Park of The Heirs:

Song Joong Ki of Descendants of the Sun!!!

Kwone Sang Woo of Stairway to Heaven:

Woo Bin Kim of The Heirs:

A Joong Kim of 200 Pounds Beauty:

Right next to the Star Park is the MBC World, which is my main agenda in going to the Digital Media City. MBC created a tour to give K-Pop and K-Drama fans a theme park experience. Asked around for the entrance, and I was directed to one of the buildings.

Basic information: MBC World opens at 10am to 6pm, but entrance is till 4pm only. Admission fee is 18,000 Won (or Php 747 only).

There are different ZONES that you should follow (M, B, C), transferring from one building to the next. I've read about tours that they hold, but when I was there, I went through everything on my own. I skipped some of the sites that I can't relate to, and spent more time on the ones that I am interested in.

Finally, my map and ticket! Always keep your ticket with you, as you will use this to record the videos and photos you will take from the different stations just by scanning. Super high tech! You have an option to get all these files in a USB by the end of the tour.

Heading up!

Elevator commercial: Oppa Park Bo-Gum's chicken commercial! Cutie!!!

What to expect from the tour:

Exhibits featuring some of MBC's most popular K-Dramas including The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, My Lovely Sam Soon, and Moon Embracing the Sun, as well as tidbits from their news and radio department.

Hologram interactive photo booths featuring MBC's different K-Dramas and K-Pop artists. Super funny and realistic neto, but sobrang awkward! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Nilabas ko lahat ng krung-krung powers ko for this, hehehe!

A whole floor for historical drama experience, featuring more photo walls, a section where the real costumes were on display, and a funny video segment recording where you can act as if you're part of Moon Embracing the Sun, hehehe!

Look at those details:

This is the video segment, again, awkward! Hahaha, but inavail ko nadin kahit people were watching just because it's sooo funny!

Another funny trick-eye section for more more photo ops. Love this hologram lights by the entrance:

I had to! Hahaha! Lee Min Ho!!!

Kim Soo-Hyun!

Not yet super exposed to K-Pop ✌, and yet I super enjoyed the Bigbang Hologram Concert! Everything looks real, timeframe is not bitin, theater is really nice and cozy. In short, Fantastic Baby!

I bought the MBC flat souvenir USB at the end of the tour, which contains the videos and photos I took from the different zones. Watching them now, sobrang hilarious!

When I went out, it was nighttime already and temperature dropped to extra-extra cold (around 10 degrees). I took a quick photo of Digital Media City's bright lights and tall buildings before heading back in to look for dinner.

I entered the MBC Mall Park and immediately saw their food court. Went around and decided to dine in this quirky Korean restaurant named School Store. Love the interiors!

I realized that it was also my last night in Korea, so I ordered everything that I fancy. So I had the vegetable bibimbap, a plate of yummy, hot potato croquettes (carbs on carbs!), and lots of the free kimchi. I was so sad with my realization of going home that even with the food's big serving size--I gulped everything to the last crumb. ๐Ÿ˜›

To be continued...

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  2. Open ba sila ng pag weekend?

  3. Hi Ms.Ana, magkano yung USB/Souvenir? Thank you. :)

  4. Hi, hello.. which one is preferable.. buy the entrance tickets there or buy in advance (online)?

  5. Hi, hello.. which one is preferable.. buy the entrance tickets there or buy in advance (online)?

  6. Hi. ACB here. when (month) did you go for this tour?

  7. Are you alone? Are the tour guides for MBC World Tour nice enough to take pics for solo travelers? Hehe

    1. Yes I was alone! :) Hmm I used self timer the whole time :)

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    For the hologram interactive photobooths, how many artists can you take on the photobooths? I want to take a picture with all the big members as a group and individually, including 2ne1.

  9. Hi Ana, would you be able to share how much is the MBC flat souvenir USB?


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