Dreaming of Spring: JAPAN

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Catching myself constantly checking airline sites the past days (or even months!), desperate to experience Spring again this year. 

Even I can't understand my obsession for cherry blossoms (I even had a lone flower as my first tattoo! 🌸). More than the given that they are just sooo beautiful, I am obsessed by the fact that they only last for TWO WEEKS MAX. The ephemeral beauty, the rarity, makes me crave to be there and then again. The end of winter, right before summer. I can go on and on about its literal AND figurative meanings!

Anyway, while my Spring dreams for 2017 is still pending, I decided to look back and edit photos from my first sakura encounter last 2015 in Japan (Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo) with my Ate.

PS: All these pictures were taken using iPhone 5.

// Odaiba Statue of Liberty, Tokyo

// Hachiko monument in Shibuya, Tokyo

// Shibuya Crossing

// Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing, Picnic) at Shinjuku Park

Cherry Blossoms Forecast for 2017:

Aomori - April 22 to May 4
Fukuoka - March 25 to April 10
Hiroshima - March 29 to April 12
 Hokkaido - April 29 to May 5
Kyoto - March 29 to April 12
Nagoya - March 26 to April 10
Nara - March 28 to April 11
Tokyo - March 26 to April 11
Okinawa - Mid January to Early February
Osaka - March 29 to April 12

Favorite Japan Spring Destinations:

Philosopher's Path, Kyoto
Shinjuku Park, Tokyo
Kyoto Imperial Palace
Osaka Castle

PS: I know it's easy to book and plan a trip, but recently all my "for luxury" budget went to concert tickets of my TOP favorite bands (both on tour this year!). Thinking about it now, seeing Coldplay and Goo Goo Dolls live were my super-long-time bucketlist, so no regrets! Anyway, putting this out there in case a higher being is listening..And, well, a girl can dream! πŸŒΈπŸ˜‹

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