My Cabin Zero Challenge

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Flying to Singapore soon to catch the Coldplay concert! My game plan is to make this a budget trip, and spend as little as possible--*Php22,000 all in (or less, if possible). I've already bought my concert ticket at Php 6500, asked my cousin to crash her place in Singapore to save on accommodation (free), and paid for my roundtrip plane tickets (Php 5500) on a budget airline. To further save money, I didn't get any baggage allowance! So that's TEN DAYS with just a backpack!

*Php 22,000 is the most expensive ticket for Coldplay Philippines concert. Just want to prove a point - that you can travel AND watch a concert already with that amount!

As with the budget, will update my blog ASAP after this Singapore trip. Will make sure to note down all my expenses. Hopefully it's a success!

Meanwhile, on packing light, people and most especially my most recent travel buddies might think that I am a heavy packer:
Photo from an 8-day trip to Japan, using my biggest luggage that I bought in Samsonite US. 

But I'd like to think otherwise, that I just adjust to whatever I want / need for a certain trip. Back in the day, I can even go on an overnight with just a medium messenger bag!

Ten days, one backpack! Let's see if I can survive without shopping, haha!

The secret to packing light is to list and edit what you think you will need, and to use packing cubes to neatly stack your stuff and easily access them without having to rummage through the black hole when you need something.

Now I am ready for my own #CabinZeroChallenge! 

What I love about my Cabin Zero backpack:

- Cabin sized, it can fit your airline's overhead compartment

- YKK Lockable Zippers

- 25 year warranty, just like them on FACEBOOK

- 44L Capacity, very sturdy

- Built in Global Tracker that you need to activate online (powered by Okoban)

- Lightweight on its own...

- BUT made out of strong, durable materials

- Thick padded shoulder straps, comfortable to carry

Also for the stylish travelers, the backpack comes in different colors! See all of them HERE. I love the camo print, it suites my style.

Excited for my trip!

Stay updated on my latest travels! Follow me on Instagram @anagon. I will also be posting about my trips right after, so hope you can bookmark my site to see if I wing this challenge! 

For more information about CabinZero, like them on FACEBOOK, Instagram @cabinzero, or visit their website at

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  1. I sooo wanna have this backpack but of course it's so expensive but dayuuum, I really like it esp the tracker~


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