Head Full of Dreams // My Coldplay Singapore 2017 Experience

Saturday, April 29, 2017

I just want to share the photos I took and some random thoughts during that day when my long time dream finally came true! This Singapore trip was really set so I can watch my top favorite band Coldplay live, something I wouldn't be able to do I guess if this happened when I was in high school or college. Now I believe more and more that things happen at the right place and time! ☆ Just be patient!

The concert was held in National Stadium--my first time to catch a concert outside the country and ALONE. A few days before this, my friends and I (we have different tickets and watched separately) were panicking if it's going to rain during the concert, after hearing that the venue was said to be outdoors! What do I wear? What shoes to bring? BAKA MAPUTIK! It turns out that the National Stadium actually has a roof! (Although di sya airconditioned). All our worries were nonsense, nasanay lang siguro ako sa concert dito sa atin. Everything's super first-world-organized! I came to the venue extra early (again, kung ano nakasanayan dito), but I didn't have to hurry in because okay naman ang lines and seat numbers were strictly honored.

Also notable is how ORGANIZED everything was. National Stadium has its OWN TRAIN STATION, na pagbaba mo yung venue na agad so commuting was not a problem. I stayed in the mall for a while with Pax and her friend to eat before the concert. Outside, it was indeed raining and there were flocks of people, young and old, heading here and there. But there was no chaos, instead, there were marshals EVERYWHERE so you can ask your questions and concerns, and officials with their megaphones, announcing instructions and directions to the general public. They will even announce from time to time "ARE YOU EXCITED!??" Hahaha! It was so cool, and people were extra hyped for the night!

As planned, I bought my AHFOD Tour Shirt, changed in the mall's bathroom, before looking for my gate.

The venue was almost full when I got in, especially the upper box and gen ad. The opening act started immediately, everything happened on time, as announced in their posters.

Another panic that dissolved that day: Baka maubusan tayo ng xyloband and pin! Actually, I think everyone got theirs naman! Praning lang talaga, haha!

During the waiting time, I CANNOT KEEP STILL! I was taking photos of EVERYTHING (haha) and Vibering friends and posting on my social accounts (thank you talaga Flytpack for my Internet connection, huhu!!)! It felt unreal to be there, and although the concert started a few hours later, hinding hindi ako nainip!

My friends na kinulit ko sa Viber that time were encouraging me to ask a random stranger to take my photo na, it was a now-or-never situation! I was so frustrated when I got in and my social anxieties were acting up, plus it didn't help that I was alone with mixed emotions! So I went out for a short CR break, and headed in saying to myself go na go na go na! Hahaha!

Here are the three photos taken by a cute guy in the aisle seat! Hahaha! His friends were giggling on the side when they saw their friend taking my pictures, but he was kind enough to take three shots and even asked me to check the photos first before leaving! Syempre kahit hindi okay yung pics sasabihin ko "They're okay, thank you!" Hahaha, buti nalang maganda naman! Thank you random oppa! 

Saw PR guy Macky, what are the chances!!! Sa laki ng venue, it's cool to see a familiar face!

When the lights dimmed, my section hushed but everyone's still seated. Kung may idodownside lang ang pagiging organized, eto yun! Haha! Kating kati ako tumayo at sumigaw, my chest was about to burst with so much energy! COLDPLAY TO COLDPLAY!!!!! Tears were brimming my eyes when a play of lights danced in front of me... And I knew, although I was far from the stage, when Chris Martin entered the stage because the VIP audience area was screaming!

Tagalog para mas intense!!! 😂😂😂 ~ Unang bitaw palang ng first line ng A Head Full Of Dreams, nawala na ang hiya ko! Nagwala nako, wala nako paki sa mga katabi kong demure! Patalon akong tumayo from my seat at sumigaw! "WAAAAH!!!!!" Nagsitayuan tuloy mga katabi ko! Haha! Akala mo may gyera, hindi pa nga ako pakantang sumigaw! Sumigaw lang ako, hahaha! Hindi ko napigilan!!! Hindi ko na sha maimagine na gagawin ko uli, haha! Eto pala ang perks of watching a concert alone, SCREAM AND DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING! Hindi nako nahihiya dahil di naman nila ako kilala, tumapang na bigla e noh! 😂 

I was thinking the whole time: Nangyayari na ba talaga to sa harapan ko!!!???

Alam ng closest friends ko my top Coldplay favorites are yung mga sentimental (Yellow, The Scientist, Fix You, Everglow, etc.)... But bakit iba ang hiyaw ko nun PARADISE! Kung last ko nang gagamitin ang word na surreal, dito yun! 😂

May aaminin ako though, medyo nabigla ako na Yellow na agad, so hindi ako prepared! Hahaha! Nakakainis, jinuggle ko yung pagsosocial media ko while watching, so it was extra hard to concentrate. Medyo ang attention ko pa naman limited to one activity lang, haha! Anyway, I received a lot of thank yous for my IG stories the next day, so all worth it naman. No regrets! The things I do for my readers! Hehehe.

But of course, I tried to limit my video taking to a few lines and chorus lang, like how I did sa ibang concerts I watched before. Pero bakit ganun, parang lahat kasi ng lines ng Coldplay walang tapon! Hahaha, Hindi ko mababa agad yung camera ko tuloy! 😂

Ang dami kong favorite moments, but if I have to recall now on the spot, here are some of them:

1) Paradise - technicolor world! 💙💚💛💜
2) In My Place - when they went to the second stage, and this old song felt extra solemn that night
3) Fix You - when Chris Martin ran sa buong kahaban ng stage before "Tears stream!!!" 
4) A Head Full of Dreams - intro song, nun napatalon ako ng bongga from my seat!
5) Something Just Like This - hindi ako ma-edm and sakto lang sya when I first heard the song sa Facebook, but ang cool cool nya live! They were flashing lyrics and cute graphics sa big screens, I can't help but sing along with the crowd! 

This was In My Place. 💛

Everglow was also beautiful!

After the concert, I was telling my friends parang nawalan nako ng bucket list! Haha! Siguro if meron man, it's to watch Coldplay live again minus my phone and camera, and in front na dapat, with the standing crowd! 

And although thousands ang seating capacity ng stadium, heading to the train was not a problem. I walked with the crowd while following the marshals' instructions, but my head was still floating! I hear barkadas still singing, even inside the train. "Tears stream!!!" sabi nila, haha! If I don't have to go down right away to my stop, I would have, fearlessly, sang along again with these strangers.


  1. Hi Ana! Your post took me back to that unforgettable night in SG nanaman. I watched March 31st. Sobrang surreal noh? Yung totoo, abang na abang din ako sa Yellow. Sabi ko pa sa sarili ko baka maiyak ako tapos hyper na hyper pa ako sa AHFOD biglang intro na ng Yellow!!! Hindi ako handa!!! hahaha. I wasn't able to record tuloy as planned. Thank goodness for other concert goers who uploaded videos in youtube. Glad you had fun maski solo lang. I should try that too but i'm not that brave yet. :) Cheers!

    1. Thank you! :) <3 Ang saya diba, sarap balik balikan! :)


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