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Monday, May 22, 2017

I've been buying K-Drama souvenirs and K-Beauty products online for the past months, it's crazy! And magastos! Haha! I've already shared where I buy my 10-Step Korean skincare HERE, so for this blog post, as promised, will share naman where I bought my K-Drama clothes during my last Korea trip! ❤

Kinain na daw ako ng sistema, but I don't think so. More on NILAMON NAKO NG BONGGANG BONGGA! 😂

But first, why K-Drama Cosplay?

As mentioned, I've bought so many K-Drama clothes even before my trip. I had no chance to wear them here in Pinas because #MAINIT. While thinking of what to wear for a pre-summer trip to Korea, I asked my Ate what weather to expect during our travel dates and she said "Sweater Weather".

Dun ko naalala lahat ng pinagbibili ko, and thought that it's the perfect timing to wear them!

Aside from that, since I can't K-Drama Tour for this trip because I have to bring my family to usual touristy destinations, it's my own way of having a touch of K-Drama anywhere I go. Maiba naman! 

So anyway, here's a list of my attempt to be a K-Drama character while in Korea:

Hong Seol of Cheese in the Trap

Thoughts: I know I look more Kim Bok Joo (HAHA) because of my hair and body type, but here's my attempt to be like Hong Seol, one of the female leads that I can easily relate to!

Outfit Details: Mustard Sweater from H&M, White Shirt from Levis, Ripped Jeans from SM Woman, Bag from Lipault, Sneakers from Converse

Hong Seol having her photo taken in Seoul's street wall art! 😂

Hae Soo of Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Thoughts: For my fam's Korean palace tour day, I made sure to wear a HANBOK (traditional Korean costume) to maximize all the photo spots. Mapaandar lang! Haha! I chose my hanbok's colors based on either Hwarang or Moon Lovers' female leads. I ended up with red and blue because they fit me well!

Outfit Details: I made sure to avail Trazy's One Day Hanbok Rental online even before the trip, just so I can get a discount! Location-wise, they are easy to find and very near Gyeongbokgung Palace. It is also cheaper than most rentals I know, around 30,000-40,000 Won for FULL DAY, and additional 5000 Won if you want to have your hair fixed and accessorized. Will blog more about this soon!

Hae Soo heartily eats her cheesecake with her appa and eomma in a modern cafe! 😂

Kim Bok Joo of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


Thoughts: SWEEEEG! This is most prob the comfiest and "Most Me" Kdrama Cosplay I did--outfit wise and attitude-wise! I am very much more of a Bok Joo, being boyish and having a large built. Thank you, Chubs! Biglang nauso ang size ko, hehehe!

Outfit Details: Green Lonely Lovely Sweater and Strawberry Clip from Aegyo Korean Merchandise, Track Pants from Adidas, Sneakers from Converse, Bag from Lipault

Kim Bok Joo having a nice stroll around Nami Island's famous tree-lane! Haha! 😝

Ji Eun-Tak of Goblin

Thoughts: Although the struggle is real when you wear a skirt on a trekking day, I have no regrets! Haha! The photos turned out to be my super favorite from all my K-Drama Cosplay sets, with Korea's nature as wonderful backdrop! Kulang nalang posporo and Hush as background music! Hehehe. ❤

Outfit Details: Maroon Hoodie from Aegyo Korean Merchandise, Skirt from GU Japan, Scarf from Old Navy

Eun-Tak on top of Seoraksan Mountain!

Bong Soon from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Thoughts: Shupah Powah Girl!!!! Wore my last K-Drama outfit for our last full day in Korea, during our JSA Tour! It's the border between North and South Korea, where they implement strict rules on the dress code. I had to bring an extra plain gray turtleneck in case they won't allow my hoodie. Good thing it passed the rules, and Bong-Bong was able to stand side-by-side with the UN military! Angas face, on! Haha!

Btw, although Bong Soon is my second favorite Kdrama girl, medyo awkward ako with this outfit because I am not petite! Haha! I look more tomboy than cute with my oversized pink sweater! 😂💥

Outfit Details: Pink Aloha Hoodie from Aegyo Korean Merchandise, Old Rose Key Necklace from Locks It Philippines

Bong Soon standing side-by-side with the military!

So my secret is out! HAHA! I didn't see any of these K-Drama merch in Korea, but bought them ONLINE via Aegyo Korean Merchandise

This post is not sponsored, so I paid for all my clothes, hehehe. Fan girl kung fan girl talaga! I even waited for A MONTH to get them since pre-order basis sila. An online follower requested for my Eun-Tak hoodie in exchange of Retweets, so I tried it and she won in less than 24 hours! HAHAHA OMG GURL! I am not sure if I will regret letting go of my maroon Goblin sweater, but oh well, she won fairly and it was a fun, one-time-only thing! Not sure if I am going to do this again though, haha, I am so attached with these K-Drama costumes as of the moment! I might even replace my Eun-Tak sweater if may budgey na, hehe! 😜

So there, thank you and I hope you enjoyed my little project for this Korea trip! What K-Drama Cosplay is your favorite, or sinong character will you most prob imitate? Comment your thoughts and tips below, or Tweet me @anagon!

More posts soon, again, thank you for all the love! ❤ Super grateful.

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  1. Goals ka po tlga, grabe~ I haven't even thought of following their OOTDs - you're def one step ahead of us! Hihi

  2. Ahhh!!! Hae Soo pala yung naka-hanbok kaaa... Super cool mo talaga ate! Bet ko rin sila itry, pero you're right. #MAINIT talaga dito. Hong Seol is more of my style because her style is more like comfy and girly and whatever-lang-makuha-sa-closet? Haha

    1. Love Hong Seol din, lalo na mahilig din sha sa mustard, camo, and browns! :)

  3. Kinain ka na nga talaga ng sistema to the highest level! I started to watching korean dramas "Endless Love" Days pa, College days, walang tulugan sa pag marathon ng mga hanggang 60 episodes na series.. Buti ngaun may mas maiikli na series. Sana dito sa Philippines may gumawa din ng mga teleserye na 16-20 episodes lang. Kdrama peg.

    Looking forward to more of your Korean Fan Girling post!

    1. Oo nga, maybe someday magkaka 16 / 20 local serye rin tayo! :) Ako newbie palang I started late last year, now watched 17 K-dramas! Haha! Thanks for appreciating my posts Krystle!!! <3

  4. Sobrang bet!! :) love Kdrama cosplay!

    1. Thanks for appreciating Beb!!! <3 Excited for our sweaterrrrs! <3

  5. Mabuhay ang mga nilamon ng sistema! Hahaha! Currently watching My Secret Romance grabe kakilig! Grabe ka girl ginawa mo nang Quiapo ang Korea. Ilang beses naaaa hahaha but shempre yan talaga ang babalik balikan natin eh lol ❤️

    1. Alam na alam mo yan! :) Babalik balikan :) <3
      Try ko nga yan, dami line up nalilito nako! Haha!

  6. OMG!! I am really waiting for this post of yours. Ang cute talaga.

  7. Sobrang speechless ko sa post na to like, I also need to fulfill my korean/kdrama dreams someday!! Goals!! Love it!! Its an honor to welcomes you in our world!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Omoooo <3 It looks good on you. I want to also fulfill my kdrama fantasies. Wish to have the same pink hoody as well. :)

  9. hello po, I know I will sound so rude but, I just have the same fantasy of having the same clothes as them. are you willing to sell your Lonely Lovely Sweatshirt po.


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