Wear Hanbok (Traditional Korean Costume) For A Day!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

After watching period dramas like Love in the Moonlight, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and Hwarang, I think wearing a Korean Traditional Costume has more meaning to me now compared to when I did last year. In a way, I feel that I have a wee bit more knowledge on the history and lifestyle back during Joseon and Goryeo dynasties of Korea. Nakaka relate na ako! 😃

I decided to rent a hanbok in advance (online) for our palace-hopping day. Unlike before that rates shoot up to around 60 USD for a few hours of wearing the costume, I discovered's One Day Hanbok Rental where you can wear your costume at a discounted price of 27 USD (from 30 USD) and that's for the whole day already!

I think pre-booking is easier than scouting for a hanbok rental place on the same day because usually they don't offer discounts for walk-ins and it's a bit of a waste of time.

When you book your One Day Hanbok Rental, can also choose from the two branches in either Gyeongbokgung Palace or Bukchon Hanok Village, both very good locations for some Korean history and photo taking. I picked Gyeongbokgung.

We went to the studio first thing in the morning (they open at 9am). I navigated the address via Google Maps.

Good morning mom and dad

They have so many beautiful selections, it's so confusing! What I like about Hanbok Rental Shop 3355 is they have lots of colors and sizes to choose from! I added 10,000 Won to get a queen's Hanbok that fits my size and matches my height (hindi bitin). 

They will assist you from choosing to fitting:

Dad and Mom waiting for me, hehe:

Then you have an option to have your hair styled as well (additional 5000 Won):

Grab your free headband and purse, and you're good to go!

 Before leaving the hanbok place, they allowed me to leave my things in the locker, and then gave me a map with tips on where I can take nice photos in my costume. They also told me to return by 6pm.

Our first agenda was to look for the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Photos with other tourists and locals in their hanbok. Parang legit nasa old days ako!

Took so many photos of my hair accessories and costume, haha!

Cea just had her hair styled:

Blending with the structures, hehe!

Cute friends in their costumes:

Finally saw the Gyeongbokgung Palace, posed with my new friends hehehe:

Saw the king's throne:

There are some who wore the palace guard costume:

Posing with the palace guards:

Final Notes:

1) When wearing a hanbok, go around Seoul's famous historical destinations for instant background for your photos. Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Folk Museum of Korea, Insadong, and Bukchon Hanok Village are walking distance to each other.

2) Hanboks are designed to be curved and not fitting, and striking with its vibrant colors and abundance in material. Very comfortable but beautiful!

3) To this day, Koreans still wear hanbok for formal occasions like on their first birthday, wedding ceremony, and 60th birthday. They also have a "Hanbok Day" to encourage South Korean citizens to wear hanbok.

4) Korean traditional costume for men is also called the hanbok, which consists of the jeogori (blouse) and the baji," (loose pants).

5) I was able to enter the palaces for free because I was wearing a hanbok! Good deal!

6) I find the hanbok a bit heavy because of all the layers of petticoat or sokchima. But I also felt lady-like in this costume!

Ended my "photo shoot" at the Bukchon Hanok Village, before the family had a coffee break in Insadong and then calling it a day.

When the clock struck 6, the "ball" has ended and Cinderella was back in the train for Myeongdong in her normal, everyday clothes. :)

Book your One Day Hanbok Rental via!

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  1. Sabi din nila whn wearing hanbok, libre daw entrances to museums and palaces. =)

    1. Onga pala I forgot about that, and that's the best part!!!

  2. Thanks for this blog. My daughter requested she wear hanbok when we visit korea this june. Will check this out

  3. Hi! will be there in august. Malayo ba ang distance ng changdeokgung palace in bukchon and insadong rather than gyeokbokgung palace? :) if you have an idea :) planninh to rent dn hanbok kc sana.. TIA


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