Double Cleansing?

Thursday, July 06, 2017

If there's only one thing you need to pick up from the glorious 10-step skincare made known by Koreans, it's the first step: Double Cleansing.

Double cleansing simply means, well, washing your face twice (hehe 😅). Before, I just wash my face once with a foam wash or a bar of facial soap after a long day of wearing make-up and long commutes along dirty ol' EDSA. This causes next-day acne or tiny bumps that need painful pricking, and sometimes I even notice that I still have foundation and mascara residues from the night before (even after washing my face!).

After trying the Korean skincare techniques, I realized that just washing the face once is not enough to pick-up all the makeup, grimes and dirt accumulated by my skin!

So here are the 2-step to a squeaky clean skin:


Melt what you've put on your face with oil cleansers. Only oil-based products dissolve oil like sebum, makeup, and your SPF. If you have oily face like me, don't worry! It's not true that using oil on oily skin will cause it to get oilier! It will actually help take out the oil more, and even heal your acne probs by cleaning your face from congestions.

Japanese brand's Biore Cleansing Oil is very gentle so it's good for all skin types:
Available in Beauty MNL

Popular oil-based cleanser: Banila Co's Clean It Zero (balm)
Available in Althea Korea

How to use oil cleansers? First, pump or scoop the product and massage onto face with your clean hands. Then rinse off oil cleanser with water. Others wipe off the oil by putting a clean warm cloth over the face for a few seconds, before wiping off the product.


Meanwhile, others use micellar water as alternative to oil cleansing. While I don't know which of them works better, in my skincare routine I simply use the micellar water first to remove the top layer of my makeup, before proceeding with oil cleansing.

Biore carries Micellar Cleansing Water for oily (Oil Control) and dry (Moist Up) skin. I've been using the Oil Control for a week now, and I love that it's gentle but does the job!
Available in Beauty MNL


After that, finish your routine with a foam wash to thoroughly cleanse your face. These water-based products will draw out all the sweat and dirt residue from your skin. 

A favorite for a year now: Biore's Uru Uru Instant Foaming Wash:
Available in Beauty MNL

New discovery: Beachborn's Witch Hazel Wash, a foam wash that promises to heal acne and acne marks with chemical-free ingredients:
Available in Beach Born

Cheap alternative: Korean brand Calmia's Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Foam which I bought in Althea Korea. Smells so good too!
Available in Althea Korea

Please don't forget to moisturize after stripping everything from your skin! 


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