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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

A few weekends ago, I was invited the last minute to hold a talk on "achieving your travel goals" in a coffee shop in Cebu. I have less than a week to prepare, but what I have in mind the whole time was this: I will get to travel and at the same time work and share something that I am passionate about! I said yes without batting an eyelash.

Aside from planning my presentation and key points, I also sneaked in a few minutes to read blogs on other things to do while in Cebu. I've been to the city several times already (both for vacation or to cover events), but it will be my first time to go there semi-solo. I asked the company if I can extend my flight back so I can make the most out of the travel, and they were very accommodating to my request. 

Two days in Cebu and I ended up using half of the time trying Korean cafes, haha! Sharing some of these cool places in this post!

Mirror selfie while waiting for my luggage at the Mactan Cebu International Airport:

My very comfortable in Marriott Hotel Cebu:

Sunday 2pm Book & Cafe

As planned, I arrived in Cebu a few hours early for my 1pm talk. I requested for the 8am flight so I have more time to go around before my work, not realizing that I was also too early for my hotel's check-in. I took a Grab taxi from the airport to the hotel provided by the company, when I decided that I can just leave my luggage at the reception and then go for brunch to kick-start my out-of-town adventure. True enough, the hotel gave me an early check-in (from 2pm to 12nn!).. but they still requested a few hours to fix my room.

I had a little time to research and just decided to go to the nearest coffee shop in my list coming from Marriott. For only Php 65 Grab fare, I went for the quaint, online recommended cafe Sunday 2pm. I had the whole place to myself, and was able to ask the Ate at the counter if the place is just Korean themed or Korean owned (it's the latter!). Ordered for a cheesy garlic panini with a pink drink since I already had coffee at the airport AND at the airplane, hehe.

Well, the place looks smaller compared to the photos I saw online. It still feels homey / friendly / cozy though, plus food is actually good (the ones I ordered). Enough reason to visit, revisit, and overstay. ❤

Tom N Toms Coffee

To my surprise, the venue for my talk turns out to be in a Korean cafe as well! Yey! Felt at home right away, haha! Didn't know that we already have a Tom N Toms Coffee in Manila (QC area), and haven't really visited a branch when I was in Seoul, so this was also my first time!!

We occupied the second floor for our two sessions of travel and financial seminars. Tom N Toms cakes, coffee, and other drinks were overflowing that afternoon, and they're all good! I finished a huge slice of the moist chocolate cake. 

What I love most is how Sun Life provided this avenue for the Cebuano millennials to learn at no fees. Meanwhile, I was also inspired to have met really focused young individuals who seem to know their priorities well! Had fun chatting with some of them on solo traveling, budget, and Korea trips after each session.

Coffee Prince

Just by its name, you'll know that it's a Korean themed cafe! Coffee Prince is inspired by the 2007 hit Kdrama, you'll immediately see it on the servers and baristas who are all wearing the black vest over white polo shirt look from the series. 

I think from all the three cafes that I've tried during the trip, this one's my favorite! Food and drinks were good, the sunny interiors and "love locks" effect outside are my kind of aesthetics. 

I ordered kimchi rice and latte over the counter, then sat on a corner booth with only a low table, no chairs but just throw pillows, and a poster that says "Today is the perfect day to be happy". Instant good vibes. You have to take off your shoes to avail this section, so I did--which immediately made me feel comfortable and right at home. It was raining outside, so my hot food, drink, and the corner booth were just perfect. 

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