A Toast to Beauty: Shiseido The Collagen Launch With Anne Curtis Smith

Monday, August 14, 2017

When I said yes to a Shiseido event invite, I honestly thought it's for a new skincare or makeup product. When I realized that they are launching a collagen drink, I was confused! I mentioned it to my friends and to my Ate (older sister), and got both very positive feedbacks. Ashley, who has been living in Japan for years, said that the product is so popular there because it effectively eliminates eye bags! Ate said that her friend who already lives in Japan recommended Shiseido The Collagen to her after they got dark from a long Siargao beach trip!

Testimonies mean a lot to me, so I was already sold even without trying it first! But of course, it will be nice to get to know more about the product first hand from the brand. More on the launch below!

Host Jaz Reyes with beautiful dermatologist Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino talked about the benefits our body get from collagen:

The main components of Shiseido The Collagen are fruits! Namely the Lingonberry and the Amla.

Lingonberry are superfruits with powerful antioxidant, and regenerates and rehydrates the skin.

Meanwhile, the Amla, or Indian gooseberry, lightens the complexion, has anti-aging effects, repairs damaged tissues, reduces pigmentation, and even treats acne and pimples.

Aside from these two, it also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Royal Jelly, etcetera. So many health AND beauty benefits!

Here are the different products and price list from the Shiseido The Collagen line:

The Collagen Drink (50 ml bottle) - Php 229.50

Shiseido the Collagen EX Drink (50ml bottle) - Php 254.50 - for 40 years old and above.

The Collagen Powder (126g) - Php 2,499.50

Also available:
The Collagen Tablet (126 tabs) - Php 3,499.50
Collagen EX Tablet (120 tabs) - Php 6,799.50
Everything's available in Mercury Drug, and soon in Watson's nationwide! 

Shiseido The Collagen's celebrity endorser Anne Curtis Smith graced the intimate event:

Love her puffy skirt!

We had a good time listening to Anne Curtis' interview. She's a carefree and light person, in my opinion. She's always laughing and just randomly singing when she wants to! Haha! Ang sarap pala niya panoorin! 

My favorite answer from the whole interview was when Anne said that she's not afraid of ageing. She has nothing against people who goes for cosmetic surgery, but personally she wants to see her self naturally grow old. The important thing for her is as long as she is happy and contented with life, she will always feel forever young. ❤

We ended the event with a Shiseido The Collagen toast! Finally tried it (you have to finish the whole bottle), and I must say it tastes nice and sweet. I later on learned from Miss Dinna who was seated behind me that usually collagen products taste fishy and weird, and Shiseido The Collagen most prob is the best tasting one in the market as of the moment! Wow!

Bottom's up!

If you want more of Anne Curtis' interview during the event, you can watch my Youtube upload. So excited to make Shiseido The Collagen a part of my everyday life... Thanks for having me! 😊

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