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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Annyeong, Chingus! 

Last week, I was so thrilled to receive an invite to one of the most-raved Korean beauty brands that I've been coveting for a long, long time! Banila Co. finally opened another store in Trinoma! If you're from the north, the store is located in front of Mercury Drug, near the exit to SM North walkway. Went there to check out their other products, and familiarize myself with the brand outside their very popular Clean It Zero!

I also met my fellow Korean lover Raych, a Youtuber! Watch her intensive Banila Co coverage HERE. Wish I can make vlogs like her too, galing!! But pang sulat-picture lang talaga ako, hehe!

Event's theme: Wear Pink, White, or Gold. Hinalo-halo ko sila, haha! Btw, wearing a Php 180 Cebu thrift find--my metallic velvet skirt!

When I entered the store, they gave us a cute box where we can curate our own Banila Co. kit. I also received this kyeopta crown headband, and a personalized card with my photo and name, plus the instructions for the day's Best Of Beauty event.

On to the shopping part!

Raych checking out the counters of makeup! I've only been to Banila Co.'s Glorietta kiosk, so I was amazed to see it so big here in Trinoma!

First Stop: Base

I am a late bloomer when it comes to makeup base like foundation, powder, etc. I used to think that if I just leave my face as is it will prevent breakouts from clogging. THEN I discovered the wonders of Korean makeup base. I've been using BB Cream from a different Korean brand, and I love that it makes my skin seem poreless. BB Creams are also way lighter than Western foundations, plus they have healing effects like your favorite skincare. 

For Banila Co., they have 3 CC Cream variants: the CC Whitening Moisturizing Color Control Base, the CC Brightening Moisturizing Cover Base, and the CC Color Control Care and Correction CC+Sun. The first and third (as seen in swatches below) has white tones that you can use before your foundation, while the black tube in the middle can already serve as your coverage.

So I picked the second one, since I still prefer natural looking skin, and I don't want to pile up too much layers of products on my face. (Php 1215)

All three of these Banila Co. CC variants come in just one shade. The CC Brightening Moisturizing Cover Base has a pump dispenser which I find very clean and convenient. I pumped once for swatching:

It has a light beige tone, but when I used it on my face, its color eventually adjusts to my complexion.

Before wiping off the product, I tried to dab it on my tattoo to test its coverage. Here's the result, a light-medium coverage for just one layer of the CC Brightening Moisturizing Cover Base. I can wear this everyday!

Second Stop: Contour / Highlight

From watching Youtube makeup gurus, I learned that leaving the base without contouring and highlighting will make your face look flat. I've been using a different stick highlighter and powder contour for a while, and very open to try out other brands and products.

During the event, I saw three of Banila Co's contour+highlight products. This one is the round compact version which looks very easy to use:

This one's a dual stick with highlighter and contour cream on each end, perfect for those who travel a lot and need makeup that they can easily bring.

And the third, which is a cute palette that I got because of Raych's reco, hehe! I love the packaging and its font, plus the palette comes in three different brown shades + a mirror. (Php 1090)

From light to dark... Sorry if swatch is barely visible! Product is buildable and with their neutral and matte tones, they can also be used in other ways (like for the eyes). 

Third Stop: Eyes

These are the four different Two Eyes Banila Co eye palettes that we can choose from. I am not into smokey or pastel eyes, so I picked the one with bronze-brown tones:

Shade is called "Seoul Holiday". The packaging is nice and sturdy. It doesn't come with a mirror or brush, but lightweight enough to bring for your travels. (Php 675)

Swatches first impression: I love them! With just one light swipe, and you can already see the pigmented colors. I haven't played with eyeshadows for daily wear yet, but these colors are so pretty I might as well use them! I think with its shimmer and neutral shades, I can also use this product as highlighter and bronzer! Will try it next time! 

Fourth Stop: Lips

Korean lipstick usually has hot pink, orangey, and coral hues, so I had a hard time picking for a shade that I can use daily. I swatched all the available colors from the Banila Co Kiss Collector line for reference.


Since I am more into red lipstick, I got the darkest shade in LRD303, or the Pin Up Red! I thought it looks pink, but when I swatched it again at home, mas okay na sha! I tried it on my lips, and just a few swipes okay na sya for that red lipgloss look that I can wear daily. (Php 675)

Fifth Stop: Cleanser

At the end of the day, of course, remove all the products and gunk from your face with Banila Co's Clean It Zero--the first to my 10 Step Korean Skincare! It has four kinds to suite different skin types from oily, dry, sensitive, and combination. I picked the award-winning pink jar (for combination skin) since it's the classic, tried-and-tested variant from this line! (Php 890)

What the box says:

It comes with a very clever scooper and clear cover where you can attach the spoon after use, for hygienic purposes:

After finalizing my choices, I went to the counter so they can wrap everything with the cute box and paper bag. I love these cute Korean packagings!

Raych with her Banila Co picks! Thanks for helping me! :) 

Flatlay tables:

Cute photo wall:

Any Banila Co. fans here? What are your favorites from the brand? Like Banila Co on Facebook to find out how you can WIN your own makeup box

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