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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Not a lot knows this about me, but I've been a vegetarian for more than 10 years now. I've been very discreet about this because I am not a perfect, practicing vegetarian. I feel that I can't preach about something that I am not an expert in, nakakahiya pag magkamali ako... so I just keep it to my self. I still eat eggs and dairies, which is against animal advocates and hardcore vegans. To me, everything is a step-by-step process and not an instant thing. Maybe in the future when my lifestyle permits it, I can go pure vegan. Who knows?

When I decided that I want to become a vegetarian, I was still in grade school! I was exposed to meat alternatives by my dad who was then a vegetarian, and eventually learned more about the lifestyle through online research (hello PETA!) and joining yoga club in school where most members were non-meat eaters. I know then that I will eventually not eat meat too, but it took me YEARS to finally become one. Ang hirap nun student pa ako, so I admire people who can just go for it, cold turkey.

What's my purpose? I can't eat pork, beef, etcetera because I am a big animal lover, and that's it! That's the root. I love my dogs like family! I secretly just change my reasons for every new person I meet and ask me about my lifestyle, haha! But more than health or diet or any of the usual stuff, I just know that I cringe and can't stomach it when I chew on meat.

As I have said earlier, everything is step-by-step process for me. From not eating meat, I realized that some sauce like patis and bagoong have animal content, so I try to do-away with them. Leather goods? Fur? There's so many things to consider, but I don't want to feel pressured--So I will just try to eliminate them, one by one.

A new vegetarianism issue arises in my circle during the past months, and that is if I am also cruelty-free when it comes to products that I use. This is a very big deal for me since I am admittedly not aware and conscious of the stuff that I use, huhu. If I am a real animal lover, I must also find out which makeup or skincare brands honor ethical practices in producing their products.

Sadly, I learned that most of the Korean brands that I use are not branded cruelty-free, or they just don't care. I even went to a cruelty-free advocating brand event a few months ago, but they served ONLY meat to the guests! Haha. Okay lang may meat, but I wasn't able to eat anything during the event! I can't blame anyone or judge them for this and that, it's all about awareness. Gising gisinging lang natin ang isa't isa, minsan we tend to forget or we are just not aware of things because of other priorities in life, etc.

With my dearest Ting, the best dog I ever had who is now in doggie heaven. I still miss her!

Anyway, when I received a package from Healthy Innovation, I was looking for ways to feature their products to make them more personal to me. Yung may meaning. When I was looking at the bottles, tossing the packaging and reading all the descriptions, THERE I saw the rabbit logo at the lower back of the bottle. AHHH....THEY ARE CRUELTY FREE!

Here's my Healthy Innovation stash. They have personal care products for both kids and adults that are of high quality but still very affordable.

Excited to use my Daily Defense Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, and 3-Minute Treatment. They promise to minimize frizz, restore split ends, and add protection to my hair.

Healthy breath: Steripod Toothbrush Protector, Fresh Breath Spray, and Fresh Breath Drops:

The Steripod Clip-On Toothbrush Protector is formulated to maintain a sustainable environment. I think this is genius, I right away told my sisters to buy their own "clips"! The Steripod kills odor causing germs, and fits standard toothbrushes. Perfect also for travels since we usually just stash everything in our vanity bags! 

Meanwhile, these Fresh Breath products are sugar free, fat free, and has no calories. They will give you instant fresh breath, and convenient to bring with its pocket-size bottles.

I think it's apt to end this post the way Healthy Innovation puts it:

"We believe in environmental responsibility, supporting local businesses, and are dedicated to cruelty free initiatives. But don’t worry - we don’t think you should pay more for a clear conscience."

Please do Tweet me @anagon if you have any cruelty-free brand recommendations, or how you see this cause (if it's also important to you, etc). ❤

Thank you Healthy Innovation Distribution Inc. for sending these!

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