Flavored Coconut Juice?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

I am a sucker for coconut juice!! They taste so good AND so healthy! I drink it every chance I get because I know of its health benefits from antioxidant to vitamin C, calcium, iron, and so much more!

Got so excited when I found out that Locally Merci Buco now has two new flavors aside from their original coco water. Something new to try this weekend!

Usually enjoyed by Filipinos as desserts, Merci Buco is now available in exciting and very Pinoy flavors Buco Pandan and Buco Lychee. Both are delicious, refreshing, and naturally flavorful.

The best part is that Locally Merci Buco is made from pure and organic coconut water sourced and organically grown from local farms in Bicol and Quezon. Consumers are assured not only of 100% freshness from the best-tasting natural coco water, but also of its numerous health benefits!

These drink also has low calorie content of 40 calories per serving, no sugar added (for plain coco water), no fat and cholesterol, gluten-free, not from concentrate, and non-GMO so drinking them is good for you.

Locally’s Merci Buco is available at Rustan’s and select PureGold and Robinsons supermarkets in 330 ML and 1 liter eco-friendly recyclable tetra pack.

For information about Locally products, visit Locally on Facebook (@LocallyPhilippines) and Instagram (@Locally PH).

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