My Miniso x While You Were Sleeping Mini Haul

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What Lee Jong Suk and Suzy Bae touch turns into gold!

At the latest episode of 2017 Kdrama While You Were Sleeping (Episode 8, available via Viu), Hong Joo (Suzy) and Jae-Chan (LJS) went to Miniso to shop for their police friend Woo-Tak (Jung Hae-In). This cute and light shopping scene that is obviously soft advertising by Miniso just added new stuff to my shopping list! I immediately entered Miniso in Glorietta yesterday when I went to Makati to check if we have some of the featured products Lee Jong Suk and Suzy Bae played around with! So good job Miniso, that was really effective! Haha!

Miniso in While You Were Sleeping Episode 8:

Miniso in Glorietta Mall, Makati:

My WYWS x Miniso Haul:

Sadly, some, if not all, items in the Kdrama are not exactly the same styles as what we have here in Miniso Makati. Will try to check the other branches next time I have the chance!

Item #1: Miniso Water

Not part of the Miniso shopping scene, but I caught the brand in the hospital when Jae-Chan offered Woo-Tak some water from the fridge:

Sadly, we don't have water in Miniso Glorietta. So I picked up two bottles of Miniso Apple Juice (2 bottles for Php 149), and they taste good! I love the sleek bottles so I kept and brought them home hehe. 

Item #2: Penguin Plushies

Jae-Chan described the Miniso penguin stuffed toy as wide-eyed, with short arms and legs and protruding lips... Like Hong Joo! This scene is so cute and adorbs, I was making mental notes already of wanting that gray penguin plushie!!

Sadly, though, Miniso Glorietta only has these flat gray penguin plushies--but almost close to the drama version! I love its texture and softness, katabi ko na sya palagi matulog hehe! (Php 349)

Item #3: Plush Massage Stick

Woo-Tak can't decide which massage stick to get, but ended up with a frog, or was that a dinosaur?? Sadly, we only have the fox plush in Glorietta, but it's so cheap at Php 99 so I got one to try at home.

Item #4: Eye Mask

Lastly, and my favorite, I made sure to get a Miniso eye mask or shade because of all the kyeopta styles Lee Jong Suk tried in the drama! We only have a few styles available in Glorietta, so I got the "lovely rabbit" for only Php 99. They say that this will help with my insomnia. Will also make sure to bring this in my upcoming trips!

We only have these styles:

What I got, still cute!

Miniso is available at the 3F Glorietta 2, Makati City. For a complete list of their branches here in the Philippines, visit their Facebook page. This is not a sponsored post, just doing this for fun and for the love of my Kdramas, hehehe! ❤ 

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  1. They have it here in Miniso Pattaya Thailand. Hehe I bought the penguin, though it's a smaller version, it's exactly the same style. They have the big one also but it's has Christmas design. They also have the green dino and chick massager. 😊😊😊


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