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Friday, October 13, 2017

I am notorious for repeating my clothes. I feel that whenever I get to use a piece of clothing more often, the money I spent on that garment is worth it.

Here are some evidences from my Instagram account (@anagon / #anagonOOTD):

First time to wear my Plains&Prints army green dress was during my Malaysia trip. I wore it as-is, and paired it with yellow wide-strap sandals:
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I re-wore the army green dress again the following week, but layered it with my black slip dress and sneakers for that unusual but interesting look:
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Say hello again to that black slip dress, but this time, used as a top along with a white Uniqlo shirt and velvet gold skirt I bought in a thrift shop in Cebu.
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White shirts are my ultimate closet staple! Rewearing my white Uniqlo shirt, but this time with a floral dress from Zalora. I love the bow details on its straps, although they are not obvious on photos.
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This floral dress makes a comeback, haha! Again, worn as top along with my denim dress (also worn as top), then a black midi skirt I've owned since 2015!
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That black skirt has appeared in one million (haha) #anagonOOTDs:
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I can go on and on with the cycle of my favorite clothes, but I'll end my evidence with that. To me, a stylish person is not someone who owns that it-bag, or someone who wears expensive labels, but he or she who can wear an outfit again and again but make it look different through creativity and styling! Just give these pieces a little more FashionCare to make sure your garments will last for years.

Here are some tips on outfit repeating:

1) When shopping, choose clothes with good quality. It doesn't have to be expensive, some thrift shop pieces are also very durable. In malls, I usually go to Uniqlo for basic and quality clothes that I can repeat again and again.

2) Play around with every piece! Dress worn as top? Skirt converted to tube dress? Polo shirt worn as skirt? Be creative and do not limit yourself with how a piece of clothing is intended to be worn coz you'll never know what you will come up with next!

3) Play with layers! My favorite, haha! A dress will look different when worn over a shirt or an interesting top. Wear a coat over this same dress and it will again be a whole new outfit!

4) It's a common technique, but we also often forget! Accessorize, not only with necklaces or bracelets, but with unique pieces like an interesting hat or a different shaped bag. An unusual footwear or eyewear will also give a new spin to your usual clothes.

5) Be mindful on how you take care of your clothes. Wash your garments with love using the right washing machine designed to care for your clothes like Electrolux. The new Electrolux Fashion Care even has the new UltraMix technology that keeps the softness, shape, and color of your clothing so you can wear it for years, and it will never look worn out!

Sharing the new Electrolux Fashion Care video featuring fashion designer Rajo Laurel:

"It's our modern day armor." - Rajo Laurel on clothes.

To end this post, again, don't be afraid to be labeled as an outfit repeater. I actually salute those who do this because it shows that you are CONFIDENT regardless of what you wear and what people will think, and you are someone PRACTICAL who observes sustainability even in fashion and doesn't just throw away money on clothes you won't wear again.

The real fashion girl for me is the reckless, the confident, and the creative.
Enjoy! Because that's what fashion is meant to be, it's supposed to be fun. ❤

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