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Friday, December 15, 2017

I went to Bohol around two years ago for a media event. Everything's laid out for us, so we just followed the itinerary of the brand. One of the memorable activities I was able to tick from my "Bohol must list" is the bike zipline. It was part of the challenges we had to accomplish, and since I wanted my team to win, I did it even though it was raining so hard when it was my turn!

Di ko naman naisip that I'll be coming back in Bohol again soon. Thanks to AirAsia and team Comco, I was able to see more of this Central Visayas province after our AirAsia x World Vision mission. If you're planning a Bohol trip, here are some of the things we were able to accomplish in LESS THAN TWO DAYS!!!

1) Loboc Floating Restaurant + River Cruise

Food was served ala buffet style, cruise started while we were midway eating. I like the Loboc River Cruise experience because it's a good downtime after a tiring morning. A singer will play old songs with his guitar while we slowly cruise one of the country's cleanest river. Food is okay, nothing wow, but it's really the overall experience of just eating with friends, listening to classic songs, with the view of Bohol's wonderful nature as our backdrop.

2) See the Tarsiers in their Natural Habitat

Most prob the most unforgettable part for me in this trip is, in my 30-something years on planet earth, I finally saw tarsiers! We visited the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, Bohol's non-government and non-profit organization created for tarsier conservation.

What I like about this is you can actually see tarsiers in their natural habitat, in a trail that can last from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. They are so cute and meek, I was so cautious that a minor movement might scare them! Photo ops and touching these sensitive creatures are not allowed since this might cause them stress and commit suicide!! Taking photos is okay as long as you keep distance, keep quiet, and make sure not to use flash!! Please wag pasaway!!

We also met the man who dedicated his life in studying tarsiers and their conservation. Salute to Sir Lito Pizarras for making sure we still get to see these nearly endangered species.

3) Stay in Amorita Resort

Not really a must, but to me, I will go back to Amorita Resort if ever I see myself flying back to Bohol again soon. I love love love their huge rooms, the infinity pool is so tempting, all the food I had in their restos super sarap, and of course, you can easily go to the white sand beach anytime of the day. Since I've ticked off most of my Bohol Bucketlist, when I go back here I will opt for a longer stay in this resort to chill and avail the beach!

4) Visit the Baclayon Church

Let's go to a historical site, the Baclayon Church is Bohol's oldest Christian settlement and was founded by Jesuits back in 1596! What makes this church a must-visit is because it is already declared as a National Cultural Treasure of our country, and was even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage before. I am also forever amazed by the old egg-binder method in building these huge structures!

Around four years ago, Bohol was struck by 7.2 magnitude earthquake which majorly damaged the church. It is still under major reconstruction, but we were able to see some of its interiors, including the no-photozone museum featuring old and interesting church paintings, books, and other things.

5) See the Chocolate Hills

I can't believe I haven't seen the famous Chocolate Hills till this trip! Not during my grade school field trips, not even on my first time in Bohol! I just had a super quick and malayong view during my bike zipline experience. So when I saw that going to the Chocolate Hills is part of this trip's itinerary, it's a go na for me coz bucketlist level!

There are over 1700 Chocolate Hills spread over the 50 square kilometres piece of land in Bohol. They are so beautiful to look at, it semi reminded me of the view of sprouting pagodas in Bagan. I wonder how's the view here during sunsets? The Chocolate Hills are green when we went there, but they also turn brown during the dry season (looking even more like chocolatey!).

6) See the Man-Made Forest

Well it looks like any other road that vehicles will pass by, but according to our tour guide, the Man-Made Forest of Bohol was created in the late 1950s by Bohol students! They were required to plant 18 seedlings in this area in order to graduate. Look what they have now after 5 decades??? 🌳

7) Dine in Bohol Bee Farm

During my first visit in Bohol, our group dined in the popular Bohol Bee Farm--well known for their healthy, organic food. The original restaurant is located on a cliff near the beach, a few kilometers away from Panglao. The place reminded me of Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay, from food to the beautiful natural surroundings.

During my recent trip's alone time, when I went to the nearest mall for a quick dinner and grocery, I chanced upon an alternative in case you don't have the time or transpo to go to the original Bohol Bee Farm. They now have The Buzz Cafe at the Island City Mall and they also serve some of the popular dishes from the main resto.

Here are the other branches of The Buzz Cafe:

They served homemade breads and their own spreads as appetizers, sobrang sulit:

I had a salad and a veggie rice meal, na super laki ng serving size!

They also have The Buzz Store in one corner of the resto. Was able to get a small jar of their Pure Honey and Pesto spread for my dad:

Where I Stayed in Tagbilaran?

Our trip was only for two days and one night, so on our 2nd day the rest went home na in the afternoon. For my next adventure, I looked for a hotel for the night before my transfer to Cebu the following morning. I picked an affordable room, and one near the airport na or the Tagbilaran Seaport. I saw Aliria Bed and Breakfast via Agoda which costs around Php 850+ only. I even used my points to rent the room, so I didn't have to pay anything YEY!

When I got my room, dun lang ako nag basa ng reviews in Tripadvisor (akk!). I picked Aliria Bed and Breakfast because it's super near the airport (around 15 minutes lang), solo ako sa room and may own CR sya, and of course because of the price.

Later on, I read the hotel's common negative feedbacks which included na baku-bako yun road going here and malamok daw. I had no issues with the latter (thank God), but true enough medyo mahirap yung ride or walk sa harapan ng hotel going to the main road because sobrang lubak and maputik (saktong umulan pa). But just a few meters of walk and main road na ako, where I took a tricycle both for the mall and for the seaport the next day. Wala naman akong masabi sa convenience that Aliria provided during my stay!

Bought some snacks, water, and toothbrush set while in the mall, since Aliria only provided a bar of soap and a sachet of shampoo. The room is good for two nga pala, so less than Php 500 per night sha if may kasama ka. It is far though sa mga tourist attractions of Bohol and sa beach area.. but a good place to stay if you're heading for the airport early.

Ang pretty ng breakfast place! I ordered my scrambled eggs and rice + 2 cups of instant coffee and paid Php 85 only!

On my next post, will show you how I crossed from Bohol to Cebu for less than Php 800, and naka business class na yun a! Supercat adventures up next!!

Planning for your next destination? Book via AirAsia this whole month of December, and automatically contribute Php 5 to World Vision Philippines!

Special thanks to AirAsia and Comco Southeast Asia for flying and touring me around Bohol!

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog. Actually i haven't experience riding Bike Zipline in Bohol. But it already list it in my wishlist. I am afraid especially when activities engage heights and moderate adventures. Hope we can try Zipline with my friends. Thanks


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