Autumn in Japan Day 3: Side-Trip to Yokohama + Fails and Wins in Travels

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Day 3 in Japan was undoubtedly filled with fails. The positive person that I am, I was trying to make it look okay in front of my Tokyo travel buddy Deegee.

First was getting lost in Yokohama. I went down the wrong station, which entailed suuuuper loooong walk to our destination. I was so stubborn that I said to myself, malalakad na yan! But it's so embarrassingly far pa pala, haha!

We passed through bridges, highways, and long tunnels to get to The Landmark for the Yokohama Sky Garden.

When we got there, we easily spotted the Landmark Tower Sky Garden, paid 1000 Yen or Php 450 to head up Japan's fastest elevator to the 69th floor, and check out the observatory for the view of Mt. Fuji.

Which leads us to my second fail of the day, spending for the observatory when Mt. Fuji had no plans of showing up that day! 😂😅 It was cloudy through and through, lol!

We stayed there for a while before deciding on hopping again for the train to our next destination. Which leads us to my THIRD fail for the day, HAHA. Have you been to the Ramen Museum?! 😂

This kid was so excited, and she has no idea! Hahaha.

No offense to fans, I've been to the Instant Noodles Museum last year and we were supposed to go to the Ramen Museum but it was already late so we did not attempt na. Our time at the Instant Noodles Museum was one of last year's Japan trip highlights, with the create your own activity, lesson-filled film viewing, and all the cool installations in the building.

I decided that for this trip, I am going back to Yokohama for two things: To see Mt. Fuji from the Sky Garden (which we also tried last year, but sarado coz rainy), and to finally visit the Ramen Museum. It was a let down though, quite frankly, compared to my Instant Noodles experience. 

Not to discourage you from going there, but lower your expectations if you must! Or go here before Instant Noodles, and with a hungry tummy so you have something to look forward to! (We went here after a heavy lunch hahaha).

The only interesting spot in the Ramen Museum is found at the lower ground floor, if I remember it correctly. Aside from shops that sell ramen, they also feature alleys of old Japan with small stores displaying vintage finds (I don't think they're selling the items though).

It's a cute place for vintage themed shoots, but then again, that's about it!

Upper ground floor with tidbits of Ramen 101 info + A souvenir shop:

But with all the fails are the wins. If you've watched my IG story on that day, 90% it was all just our boisterous laughter! I guess that's a good attitude to bring whenever you travel, you don't have to expect it will always go as planned. But wherever your feet may take you, treat them lightly--don't be too serious. The good and the bad, I see all of them as just part of the whole big adventure. As the wise will put it, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Win #1: Riding the direct train to Yokohama!

With the complex train transfers, I did not expect our commute to be so easy! Again, it's so hard to teach it here because I think it was all 80% luck and 20% asking around, haha!

Win #2: Shake Shack for Lunch!

If we did not go to The Landmark Tower for the Mt. Fuji observatory, we wouldn't pass by Queen's Square Mall which has a Shake Shack branch right in the corner!!! One of I think just four branches in Japan... I was screaming inside!! They serve my most favorite vegetarian burger!!! 😍😭

It was a good lunch, if not one of our best! We dined outdoors, chilled and people watched, took our OOTDs, and I even had a hot coffee after.

Win #3: Pokemon Center & Studio Ghibli Store Hopping 

I knew I will see these stores in Landmark Plaza Yokohama, but I am glad that Deegee also enjoyed when I took him to these character shops especially at the legit Pokemon Center! We took our sweet time in our preferred shop (I went to the Studio Ghibli-themed Donguri Republic) and both came out carrying a bag of souvenirs our childhood selves would thank us for! Hehe!

Bought my third authentic Ghibli keychain, a Totoro! I realized that I buy one for my every Japan trip and should make it my "Japan tradition" na, hehe.

We ended the day back in Tokyo, dropping off Harajuku Station for the first time in this trip. We passed through the arch and the popular crowded lane of Takeshita Street which I sorely missed, went all the way to Cat Street, down to our favorite Shibuya.

With aching feet from all the walking, we decided to hop in the train for Ikebukuro and just have our dinner at our guest house's common room. Good decision, and 100 wins, haha! 

We raided the nearest kombini for soup, sandwiches, salad, and all things I can grab, because it was a long day and I felt that I deserved it! Deegee and I munched and talked, albeit a bit loudly in "The Library", as I was trying to figure out the dressing that came with my salad and how I will finish up everything I bought, haha! Honestly, it was still very much a good day. :)

To be continued...

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