What's Inside Stylenanda's Pink Hotel & Pink Pool Cafe? | Myeongdong, South Korea

Thursday, February 01, 2018

You might have seen this already on social media. Millennials can't help but adore this all-pink building, and every corner of this 5-story shop screams "take a photo of me for your Instagram!" Haha!

I'll say it, Stylenanda is a genius when it comes to rebranding, and some brands might pick a lesson or two from their transitions. I remember when they were still all-black and only have clothes back in early 2000. Look how they transformed themselves into a one-stop fashion and beauty store that every young local and tourist alike would love to go to. It's now a part of most women's Seoul itinerary! Isn't that a marketer's dream!?

It's not enough that they have cool products ranging from makeup (3CE) to clothes, but they're also giving their guests the ultimate "experience" with their store's cute installations, easy to swatch product testers, and even a must-visit cafe on the 5th floor! Whether you're there for the makeup or the cotton candy coffee, or to take photos (that you will eventually post for your network to see), it's all win-win for Stylenanda.

Stylenanda literally means Style Me, a store that's all about trends and what's the latest. I am not a long time follower, but from reading up online I learned that they started as a blog shop. Super inspiring to see how big this brand is now!!

The Stylenanda Pink Pool Hotel & Cafe in Myeongdong is literally just their flagship store designed to look like boutique hotels ala Grand Budapest. Every corner has that old luxurious charm, painted in pink with touches of gold. No doubt that the most common caption used for this place is "Wes Anderson aesthetics".

Now let's go in!

Someone will open the door for you heading to their 1950s style lobby, and on your right you will see these hanging tasseled keys:

No hotels inside though! On the ground floor up to the second floor they have all their 3CE cosmetics, skincare, and makeup tools and accessories:

In love with this 3CE collection with pastels packaging that reminds me of 90s Polly Pocket toys!

Head up to the third and fourth floor for the clothes and accessories:

Themes per floor:

Level 1: Lobby
Level 2: Spa
Level 3: Rooms
Level 4: Laundry Room
Level 5: Pool
Rooftop: Poolside

A laundromat-designed floor for their accessories and more clothes! I often see editorial shoots with laundromat as location, so again, this is genius! Haha!

Even their mannequins are all well-styled:

They have every detail considered, from green leafy accents, gold metal shelves marbled walls, and vendo machines:

On the fifth floor is the Pink Pool Cafe. You will walk through more clothes heading to the coffee shop dining area. Walls to the flooring are all swimming pool tiles!

We found our little corner! We were lucky we visited early, usually this place is full! And with limited seating capacity, you have to wait long to get seats.

Here's what's on their menu:

Took more photos while waiting for our orders because what else is there to do?! :)

My friend Marj ordered the Vienna Coffee while I had the Signature Cotton Candy Coffee. As expected, they are a bit pricey (mine's around 9000 KRW) but for me the overall experience is worth it!

After rushing our coffee because of another commitment that afternoon, we hurriedly checked out the rooftop and yes even the design in this area was carefully considered! Again, our visit is perfect since no one's there and we had the photo area all to ourselves! People go here to chill after shopping. I think that's a thing in Korean stores, they really put pretty lounge areas where their guests can rest.

We took the stairs going down just to check it out narin. Walls are painted tangerine, and you'll encounter more well-styled mannequins:

I went back in the store during our last night, and as expected it's super jam-packed. I was able to pick a few items this time. I went for the Polly Pocket inspired 3CE lip color in heart shape, a black hand mirror, and a face mist. Even their paper bag is pink and cute! Price range, well it differs for every product. I think these three products costed me around Php 1500-1800. 

Stylenanda Pink Pool Hotel and Cafe is located in:
37-8, Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (66-2, Chungmuro 2-ga)
Click this link to open Google Maps.
They are open from 11am to 11pm
They also have a branch in Hongdae, but haven't visited that one yet!
Follow @pinkpoolcafe on Instagram for more details! 💕

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