For The Ladies: How To Enjoy Your Travels Even When It's That Time of the Month

Monday, February 05, 2018

I think getting my period during my travels occurred one too many times already that I see it as something unavoidable and even normal. I have a friend who will plot her menstrual cycle and make sure not to fly during her time of the month, but no matter how I try to keep track with apps and calendars, in the end I find myself just saying YES to every travel opportunity that comes my way! Especially if the airfare is cheap or it's for a blog assignment, how can I say no to adventures!?

I can't count how many times I have to skip swimming in the crystal blue waters of Palawan or Boracay, and just lounge by the beach because it's my first day. Or getting my period right during my flight to Japan, and had to endure the cramps and dizziness with our never-ending walks. Again, all but part of being a girl. 

But getting your period does not mean you have to suck all the fun from your much awaited trip! I don't want to be that KJ travel buddy who is moody and BV when you're supposed to be enjoying a new city and your time with friends. So, I am sending here a few tips on how you can still enjoy your vacation even when you get your period.

1) Bring meds. I always have a pouch of different medicines whenever I travel, especially aspirin or Ibuprofen to reduce my cramps. I also have meds for my headaches, which I constantly experience whenever I have my period. 

2) Pack comfortable OOTDs. I know that traveling means taking loads of photos with your pretty outfits, but make sure even for the first 2-3 days of your period you have comfortable options. Whether you're the jeans type or the skirt (with shorts) type, pack clothes that you will feel clean and at ease even with all the movements.

And yes, of course you can still swim when you have menstruation. A tip is to wear darker swimsuit. But when you use a tampon, you can actually enjoy swimming in any swimwear without fear.

3) Manage your itinerary. If you have control of your daily activities, make sure to plan a less strenuous itinerary during the first 2-3 days of your period. Set aside the hikes or the bath house visit on your last days, and go for indoor tours first.

My go-to places when it's that time of the month: cafe hopping and museums!

4) Eat right, stay hydrated. Water intake is important whenever you have your period and you always feel hot. You can bring water bottle during your walks and tours. Meanwhile, pick healthy foods for your meals, like salads, fruits and grains. Get enough iron from nuts, meat, and leafy veggies, and avoid oily foods.

5) Use tampons. The neatest and most practical tip when you're traveling with a period is to use a tampon. I just tried using European brand Ladouce Tampons during the first days of my Great Winter in Korea trip, and was glad that this is already available in the country through Shopee and Lazada

A box contains 16 pieces, so you can overestimate and bring around 2-3 boxes for one trip so you won't run out. Please be mindful that you can only wear a tampon for 6-8 hours, and make sure your hands are clean whenever you put it on. You can also bring a variety from their three sizes. Ladouce Tampons is available in Mini (light flow) Php 374, Normal (medium flow) Php 395, and Super (heavy flow) Php 419. I think that they are also fairly priced too!

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Tampons When Traveling with Your Period:

1) What I like about tampons vs sanitary pads is that they are more discreet and compact to bring in your luggage or hand carry so it won't take up too much space.

2) You don't have to think of tagos especially since I usually stay in guesthouses (with pristine white bedsheets haha!) where I have to make sure the sheets won't get stains. Yes, you can wear tampons overnight!

3) I also think that Ladouce Tampons are more comfortable when you already learn how to use them, unlike pads, there will be no odor, rash, and any irritations.

4) You can swim, hike, surf, bike, and do other physical activities without fear of leaking.

5) You can also easily wear whatever fit or color of clothes you like!

I was a sanitary pad user for around 20 years now, so when I first tried tampons I was super queasy and uncomfortable. But once you get the hang of it, tampons are much easier, cleaner and hygienic to use.

As a guide, here's how to put on tampons:

1) Make sure that your hands are clean before and after application. First, twist the Ladouce tampon to break the plastic covering and unwrap.

2) Straighten the cotton string and tug it to check and ensure that it is stuck with the tampon.

3) With your finger, widen the base of the tampon near the string portion for easy insertion.

4) Find your vagina by letting your blood guide you. Dab a clean toilet paper to find where your blood is coming from, that's where you have to insert the tampon.

5) In either sitting position in the toilet, or with one leg raised on the toilet seat, relax and put on the tampon by gently opening your labia and using the other hand to push the tampon.

6) If you don't feel the tampon, then you've inserted it correctly! The string will be hanging out of your body so you can pull the tampon when it's time to dispose. 

Currently what's in my tiny vanity kit whenever I go out of the house, whether for travels or events:
Peripera Lip Tint, Bandaids, Beachborn Aloeha lip balm, Ladouce tampons, 3CE heart lip pot, small toothpaste, meds for headache and allergies, breath droppers, Kamillosan, Pore Master compact powder, bottle of sanitizer.

Surprisingly, they all fit in this small pouch!

Final tips:

1) Be completely OC when using tampons! Make sure everything's clean to avoid infections and diseases. Wash your hands before and after. Do not use a tampon if it accidentally fell on the floor already.

2) Please also be extra hygienic with disposal. Wrap used tampons in a wad of toilet paper before throwing it away.

3) Watch Youtube tutorials for how-tos and dos and dont's. I actually learned a lot by watching the Ladouce tampons tutorials of Anne Clutz and Isha the Purple Heiress! Just type Ladouce tampons on Youtube to check out these tutorials and reviews, they are really very helpful!

4) You can pee even if you have a tampon on because menstrual flow comes out of your vagina while urine comes out of the urethra. Just make sure to keep the string away so it won't get dirty.

5) In other countries, girls go straight to using tampons and skip using sanitary pads, so yes you don't have to be older to start using a tampon. There is no age requirement in using it, and using tampons won't break your hymen nor will it make the user lose her virginity.

Have you ever experienced traveling when on your period? 

To find out more about this brand that I am using, visit and follow Ladouce Tampons on Facebook, Twitter @LadouceTampons, and Instagram @LadouceTamponsPH.

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