Alternative Things To Do In Cebu Part 3

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I cannot count anymore how many times I've visited the Queen City of the South that I didn't notice till now that I've already created a series of "Things To Do in Cebu" blog posts. Like in any other destinations, I still look forward to visiting the different sides of Cebu and seeing it as if it's my first time there. True enough, there is still so much to see and do! And although my schedule for this work trip is a bit tight, I made sure to still avail the few hours I have to enjoy my vacation.

If, like me, you've been to the sunny south several times already, then here's a list of new places that you can visit on your next trip. If you want it hassle free, you can also check out for Cebu packages and day trips that you can personalize according to your preference and budget. Someday, I might take their island hopping option coz I've been dreaming of seeing the beachside of this beautiful city!!

By the way, this trip is for a bloggers engagement for AirAsia for the launch of their RedTalks Season 2. I always enjoy traveling with my fellow bloggers!

How To Go To Cebu?

We had a night flight from Manila (Terminal 4) to Cebu (Mactan International Airport) via AirAsia which took us about 1.5 hours. It was a quick trip, which was spent talking to my seatmate Kuya Rey,  listening to my Kdrama playlist, and trying my newly discovered Vegan Tofu dish from AirAsia's Santan onboard menu. It's so good! To check out daily flights to Cebu, visit

Where To Stay In Cebu City?

A fairly new accommodation, Bai Hotel is located in Mandaue--just around 30 minutes away from Mactan International Airport. The facilities are complete (they have a beautiful pool, a gym, several restos, and function rooms and rooftop for events), service is superb (I always call for a pitcher of water and they arrive immediately), and rooms are clean and beautiful.

Shared the room with fellow blogger Rochelle, we slept comfortably in these soft beds and wouldn't want to leave in the morning if not for the breakfast buffet! Rochelle was also my Cebu touring companion for Day 1, so she took most of my solo pictures! Thank you! ❤

I have to note that they even have iron and board in the closet, yey! I don't have time to iron at home, so this is very convenient for me.

Ample toiletries (bring your own if you use a lot like moi hehe), hair dryer, facial tissue and toilet papers:

Our daily breakfast buffets are the best! They have so much food options, that a vegetarian wouldn't feel deprived. Taste-wise, also good! I might even go back to Bai Hotel because of this resto! Hehe!

Things To Do In Cebu City?

As promised, here are several locations that we were able to explore in barely two days in Cebu. If you're also into nature, photo ops, and Korean food, then take notes coz this is for you!

Terrazas De Flores

I've been to Sirao last year, the more popular flower garden about 40 minutes away from Cebu City by taxi, so I decided to check out the neighboring Terrazas De Flores. There is an entrance fee of Php 90, but you'll also be given a Php 40 voucher that you can use in their cafe. It's nice to go here early as there are no people yet and you can stroll in peace and take nice flower garden photos without photo bombers!

I love that people on Instagram commented that it looks like I am in another country! Proud to say that this is in Cebu, guys! ❤

A "hidden cafe" at the end of your route, where you can have iced coffee after the hot stroll before you go to the parking just next to it.

TOPS Lookout

I posted about TOPS Lookout on my Instagram with the caption:

Why do people go to observatories and viewing decks? Is there a certain sense of calm looking at a city from bird's view point? They all look the same to me, only diff depends on the time of the day of your visit. 

I decided to add this to our itinerary because the last time I was in the area, it was raining and there was no clear view of the city. I now wonder what people enjoy when they go to city viewing decks? Like watching the sunset, it's a different experience for different people, even though we are all just looking at the same thing. I think that idea is so beautiful!

10,000 Roses

If you've been to Seoul's Dongdaemun Design Plaza's LED Rose Garden, then this is its Philippines counterpart. 10,000 Roses is also about an hour away from the city, all worth it coz you get to enjoy the beauty of this man-made garden plus the view of the sea!

They also have a small cafe in the middle, where you can chill and have an iced yogurt drink or coffee. I'd say it's better to visit just in time for the sunset so you can appreciate 10,000 Roses during the day, the sunset view with the ocean, and the lighted up LED roses when it gets darker.

My Cebu travel buddy Rochelle:

True to its Korean theme, they even have a just-starting love locks section:

 Playlab PH

This place reminds me of Singapore's Art-Science Museum, and I didn't know that Cebu has their own version till I read recommendations on Twitter! Entrance to the Playlab PH is just Php 200 during weekdays and Php 250 on weekends, and it is located inside Cebu Robinsons Galleria Mall (basement area).

When I arrived at the venue, the entrance was filled with kids on a fieldtrip! It was dyahe at first so I had to ask the lady by the entrance if it's for kids only, haha! But it's also for adults daw, so since it was still hot outside, I decided to go for it. Make sure to bring socks so you don't have to buy na.

Insert me here, hoho! The downside of traveling alone!

Well, that's me!

There is a cool coloring section at the Playlab where you can scan your artwork after, and see it projected with the other animals on two full walls! 

Another artwork section where you can watch your creation fly with the rest on the wall!

Jesuit House

For a little dose of Philippine history, I decided to stop by the 1730 Jesuit House before I go back to our hotel for the airport. The Jesuit House is just a few minutes away from Playlab PH, and about 30 minutes away from Bai Hotel Mandaue. They say that this is the OLDEST DATED HOUSE in the Philippines, making it a more interesting destination while in Cebu.

Entrance is just Php 50, and you already get a guided tour around this 18th century, well-preserved house. I appreciate historical places more when you have a tour guide since they add more story and depth to what you're seeing compared to just going around on your own and skipping the interesting parts. They call the place a "hidden gem" because it is tucked away from the main street and still less touristy than Casa Gorordo.

Cafe Namoo

I've already visited a few Korean-themed cafes in Cebu before (check out my Korea in Cebu post), but was lucky that the one I missed out the last time is just 10 minutes away from my hotel. Before completely leaving for the airport, I dropped by Cafe Namoo in City Time Square Mandaue for an afternoon ramyeun and iced latte.

I love the look of the place where you get a solo cubicle, sit on floor with low table and throw pillows, and the colorful post-it notes decorating the cafe's wooden facade. People were just chilling or reading or using their laptops, making Cafe Namoo a nice spot for working, relaxing, or generally just introverting! Haha! Wifi is good too, and food is also fairly priced and yummy!

Find any place that interests you? Any tips for those who are planning to go to Cebu soon?


  1. Oh wow... Bai Hotel looks really nice. Will definitely consider it once we have budget for staycation. Sayang I never run into you whenever you're in Cebu. Maybe in the future. Hehe.

  2. Brilliant article. I have visited Cebu City from Dubai last year, and i must say the city was full of natural tourist attractions. Must visited place in Philippine.
    Love from Dubai Tourism.
    Dubai City Tour

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