First Helicopter Ride!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Didn't know this day will come! You can now BOOK HELICOPTERS ONLINE like how you book Grab or UBER!! And it's my first time to ride a helicopter just to try this service from Ascent!!!

For me, here are the worst things that you may experience because of the really bad traffic situation in Metro Manila include: Missing your flight (akkk), not making it to your important meeting, or getting late to a show or concert. The thought of these just makes me cringe! Some of these things are priceless and you won't be able to turn back time for them. So if you are really desperate to get to your destination STAT, the solution is finally available to the public: TAKE A HELICOPTER AND SKIP THE MRT LINES AND TRAFFIC JAM OF EDSA!!!

Our route for that morning is from NAIA to Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati, but I learned that they also have routes for Quezon City and BGC. Meet up is in Philjets which is Wazeable. The guard directed me to the main lounge where I waited for the others.

Our group includes models Fatima and Hideo, and James Deakin:

A few dos and donts and protocols before our ride:

Short service van ride from the lounge to our helicopter:

We had time to take pictures before boarding!

And finally, we're flying!!! Yey!!!

Making the most of this short trip by taking lots of photos and videos! Haha! It wasn't that scary when we were already up there, plus I enjoyed the city view:

See EDSA's traffic from bird's view point. Nilagpasan namin lahat nya!

Barely 10 minutes, and we were already landing in Peninsula's helipad.

Took few more shots before the Makati to NAIA route left:

I know a helicopter ride may cost an arm and a leg, but IN CASE that day comes when you needed an option, desperate for any alternative just to get to your destination ASAP--then go to this post and click this link to book your helicopter ride: Price is from Php 7800 to Php 12,800, depending on the route. 

For your questions, visit and message Ascent's Facebook Page or like their Instagram page @ascentflights.

Special thanks to Ascent Flights and Philjets for this bucket list worthy experience!

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