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Monday, May 07, 2018

I have a little secret since end of last year. It's my love-hate relationship for luxury bags! 😅 Okay, I do super love them, but the "hate" part is just because they are addicting and it is not a cheap addiction! Haha! 

I only have a few now, and most of them are not store bought. I got them from reliable online shops that sell preloved or barely used items at price tags I cannot resist! Usually they are at 25-50% off pa from the actual price! Some needs repairing or cleaning, napagastos pa ako pero naenjoy ko yung restoration process with Doctor Leather, haha! I know someday I'd want my very own store bought bag complete with receipts and paper bags and all that added jazz, but for now as long as it is AUTHENTIC then I have no issues on getting second hand items.

How to know if the item for sale online is legit? Here are a few tips from experience:

1) Try to compare the photos of the bag for sale from photos from the brand's website. You can also search Youtube for specific bag types and their reviews.

2) Look for authentication indications from the seller. This may include the dust bag, the authentication cards, or the bag's serial number. If there's a receipt where the bag was bought, the better!

3) Look for a friend or a former buyer who can vouch for the seller. Also, if celebrities endorse a luxury online shop, chances are they are selling legit stuff since public figures won't really endorse fakes because this will most likely just to taint their image.

4) If it's possible, and if you have doubts, request to meet up with the seller before purchasing so you can check the item yourself. Iba din pag nakita mo na sa actual. Go with a friend who is also a bag enthusiast so you can both check and double check.

5) There are online authentication sites, but you have to pay. If you really want to be extra sure, this is a really good option. I also joined Facebook bag enthusiast pages (lols) that vouch for each other, or will authenticate a bag for you. It's also nice to have fellow bag lover friends who can detect real ones from fakes. Ask for 3rd to 4th opinion!

Here's a great news if you are also from the south! Yesterday, online luxury brands shop Luxonlineph just opened their second store in Ayala Malls Southpark in Alabang National Road. The store is called the Bag Lounge:

Thank you so much for having me!!

The best part in buying from the Bag Lounge is that they have established their credibility already through the years. Owner Ms. Anna Magkawas started selling designer bags and wallets in 2016. Now she has two stores (one is in Market Market), has expanded to selling shoes, jewelries, watches, and scarves, and have online following from celebrities including former ABSCBN President Ms. Charo Santos-Concio, Gelli De Belen, Kaye Abad, Ryza Cenon, Bangs Garcia, Gwen Zamora, and Maxine Medina, to name a few. 

The jam-packed store launch yesterday in Southpark Mall:

Ribbon-cutting and program with celebrity guests Pops Fernandez, Gwendolyn Ruais, Dianne Medina, Rodjun Cruz, Carl McFly, and Maricar Reyes-Poon:

Enjoy, and treat yourself a little bit more this year for all your hardwork? 😊 If you've earned it, and you can finally afford it without getting broke, and you feel you deserved that bag, then live a little and buy it! That's my personal condition that's why naka ban muna ako ngayon after shopping earlier this year, haha! Pag naka ipon nalang na uli! I am sure we have different thoughts on this, so let me know your own take on buying luxury goods on the comment box below! ❤ Or if you have any dream bag right now, or if you're more of a luxury shoes or bags person--comment away! Let's talk about these quality beauts! Hehe!

And with that, ending this post with MORE pictures to tempt you haha--here are some of the brands that are currently available in the store! I am eyeing the Gucci slides in black which I am sure will be overused, hehe! Pag iisipan ko muna, hindi pa ako dumarating dyan sa footwear ... hehehe.

Brand New Louis Vuitton Bag Strap - Php 15,000

Gucci Slides in Black and in White - Php 16,000

More Gucci Shoes and Sneakers:

Still want an LV Palm Spring Springs mini backpack that you can also wear crossbody! Cute! 

Statement piece! Hot pink Givenchy Antigona:

Another Antigona in brown (bet ko to!)

And bigger Antigonas on the top shelf:

Very Madam -- YSL handbag:

YSL and Balenciaga:

Cute pink Gucci bag that must have been perfect last spring:

Chanel and Moschino:

Yellow bags! Balenciaga Classic Mini City and Celine Phantom Medium Luggage:

Celine in brown:

More Gucci:

More Balenciaga:


They also have jewelries and watches:

More shoes:

 Located inside the mall, the Bag Lounge makes luxury brand shopping more convenient and safer. They have both preloved and brand new items, just ask their staff and they will accommodate you for all your questions. Visit them at the second floor of the Ayala Malls Southpark Alabang. 

Check out @bagloungeph and @luxonlineph on Instagram for other products on sale, and for more information and updates!

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