When’s The First Time You Used Contact Lenses, and Why I Will Now Convert To Alcon Dailies

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I've been a long time wearer of contact lenses. I've tried a lot of them, from clear to colored to monthly to yearly. I cannot imagine going out of the house without them.

 I haven't really gave daily contact lenses a chance, but after trying them out and learning more about Alcon Dailies (DAILIES AquaComfort Plus) during its launch last May 15, 2018 in iDarts BGC--I think I'll become a convert!

Sporty Chic OOTD for the event:

Upon entering the venue, iDarts, I saw fellow bloggers and vloggers playing darts! This is a big test of one's eyesight!

In another station, we were also able to try Alcon Dailies! They have it in my grade which is 2.25 (near sighted). Without my glasses or contact lenses, everything's a blur!

I remembered the first time I bought contact lenses. I was wearing eyeglasses since Grade 5, but on my 3rd year in high school I wanted to get rid of the specs for PROM NIGHT! Haha! 

In college, I also tried colored lenses for the first time and felt instant confidence boost. I've tried both brown and gray lenses, and felt that it made a big and surprising difference every time I have them on. Aside from vanity purposes haha, it is also easier for me to move around with my contact lenses compared to wearing eyeglasses. I can do water sports or travel in any climate without thinking of breaking my eyeglasses, or fogging my sight every now and then (super hassle nito for glasses wearers!).

“For many teenagers who wear prescription eyeglasses for myopia, also known as nearsightedness, moving to contact lenses is a rite of passage.2 Contact lenses that provide comfort, convenience and enhanced vision can make this important milestone a positive experience for teenagers,” said Dr. Carmen Abesamis-Dichoso of Abesamis Eye Center. Dr. Dichoso is known in the field of optometry for her advocacy on contact lenses.

“Having to wear eyeglasses in school, during social activities and while playing sports was really tough for her,” says Callie’s mother, commercial model Dimples Romano. “Fortunately, I heard about the Alcon ‘freedom’ contact lenses and how safe, effective and convenient it is for teenagers to wear. Thanks to Alcon Dailies contact lenses, Callie now has more confidence and more freedom to move, enabling her to reach her full potential as an athlete, student and young woman.”

“I live my life to the fullest—from tapings, shopping, traveling, and playing sports. Alcon Dailies contact lenses will surprise you at how comfortable, convenient, and affordable contact lenses can be,” said athlete and TV host Gretchen Ho.

Here are my personal reasons why I might convert to Alcon Dailies!

1) It is more hygienic to wear daily contact lenses! You throw them away at the end of the day. Residues and dirts accumulated by the lenses for the whole day won't be totally removed by cleaning solution.

2) No fear of tearing your contact lenses, or losing them! Kahit masira or mawala yan, you won't need that na on the next day!

3) A box of Alcon Dailies has 30 pieces. You just open a pack every time you're going out. You don't need to open and use a pair daily, especially on days you're just at home.

4) Alcon Dailies are aid the moisture of your eyes every time you blink! I think this brand is perfect for travels especially in colder climates where my eyes tend to dry up easily. It felt lighter, and sometimes I even forget that I am wearing contacts!

5) It is actually affordable or almost the same as my expenses for my monthly lenses! I don't even need a solution anymore because there's nothing to clean and store!

I've been intimidated by daily contact lenses because I think they are more expensive than monthly or yearly variants. But a 30-piece pack of Alcon Dailies retails for only P1,495.00

Best news, avail of the Alcon Dailies Summer Promo and enjoy 20% discount on two boxes of Alcon Dailies!

Check out their website at and like them on our Facebook Dailies Contacts PH and Instagram accounts. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Also, may I ask if you have any tips regarding contact lens solution?


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