Updated Skincare [Night] | April 2018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sharing this list because my face really cleared up after using these same products in over a month (except during travels). I love experimenting, but this combination really worked for me and a good basis is I did not get any pimples during my period! This is usually given na for me on that time of the month, but since I used these products religiously, I felt my skin started cooperating.

NOTE: Since I've finished most of these products, I tried different brands and variants just because it's so fun to shop and try out a variety of skincare. For the first time in ages I noticed I got a big zit on my forehead! I might go back to the ones featured here!!


When I get home after a long day of either meet ups, errands, or events, I will clean my face with Neogen's Biopeel+ Gauze Peeling in GREEN TEA. This product is more popular for the wine variant, but for someone with acne prone and oily skin, the green tea ingredient worked wonders on my face! Naubusan na ako nito so I am now using the lemon and wine, but I think I might go back to green tea soon.

How To Use: I thought that this is a no-rinse product for a long time, but buti nalang I encountered it on Joan and Ivan (Korean Youtubers) vlog and learned that you have to RINSE IT OFF! Haha! So use the rough gauze part first, then the cottony pads, then rinse residue with your cleanser. Makeup remover ko nadin siya, and feel ko super clean ng face ko with this combination with my cleanser...

... Which is another Neogen product! I learned about the Neogen Real Fresh Foam Green Tea from Miko Carreon when I was in Korea and he asked if I can pasabuy one for him. I got one for myself too in Olive Young, and I can't get enough of it since! I like its smell (I am the non floral and non citrusy kind of girl hehe), and it foams really really well with just one to two pumps, feel ko na dedeep cleanse talaga yung skin ko when I use this! Plus points is, again, it is the green tea variant that's perfect for my type of skin.


As they say, most of the skin's moisture will be scraped off after all the cleansing, so I make sure to use good toner and moisturizer before going to bed.

I've had this Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence for a long time, but I haven't really used it up till now that I placed the product on a spray bottle. It's easier to use it by just directly spraying on my face.

And after that, I go to a little stickier consistency which is this CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. Feel ko talaga it helped minimize the pores on my cheeks!

The order in any skincare routine, correct me if I am wrong, is to go to the most liquid-y product first, then hanggang sa mas thick or cream product ang pinaka last. So next to the sticky Cosrx serum, I use The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Youth Fresh Emulsion.

This is another product that has been in my arsenal for a long time, but ngayon ko lang sya fully nagamit and naappreciate. It has a lotion, gel-to-water consistency that's not too heavy on the face. Usually, you have to let the product dry and get absorbed by the skin first, before you apply another one on top of it. Anyway, this The Body Shop worked well together with the other ones I layered it with! It has anti-pollution and anti-ageing features, as well as moisturizing features.

Lastly, I top everything with the Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Intense Cream in Hibiscus, another product I bought while in Korea. It is thick, but not uncomfortable at night kahit mainit. I think it gives my skin the right moisture it needs after all the scrubbing and cleansing. Okay din sya for travels, when you go to countries with drying climates. Not sure though where I can get this again after finishing up this tub!

Current Empties:
Neogen's Biopeel+ Gauze Peeling Green Tea
Neogen Real Fresh Foam Green Tea
The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Youth Fresh Emulsion

Where to get your Korean skincare:
Neogen and CosRX - BeautyMNL
Missha - Althea Korea
The Body Shop stores nationwide

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