Late To The Party! Sunnies Face Fluffmate + Autumn Trends + Lessons from Charlie

Monday, September 10, 2018

I know!!! I am super late to the party, mwahaha! But hey, with all the good reviews for this brand, I am sure Sunnies Face is here to stay! Hopefully a month late won't hurt!! 👅 

I actually had a hard time acquiring my own Sunnies Face Fluffmattes. Lining up for hours in their two physical stores (Glorietta and UP Town Center) is already out of the picture, I will never line up for anything ever again unless if it's for my favorite artist or for an extreme theme park ride lels. 

In total, I was only able to acquire 5 out of the 9 shades, and was able to do so in two ways. 

First is buying from resellers in the Carousell app. Yes they exist! Hahaha! I bought from girls who only charged minimal fees para lang may maisabay sila at di sayang pinila nila (Php 395 from the original price of Php 345). So buyers parin sila talaga and not resellers taking advantage of the trend. (Although there's nothing wrong with that! If you're up for this, make sure you're buying from legit sellers, check their ratings / reviews first).

Second was when they opened orders in Lazada! Thanks to my friend Ashley for messaging me right away! I got the brown pouch set.

And with the fad dying down, I finally had the chance to try the bullets just now HAHAHA! They stayed for quite a while in my rebulto of makeup products that I purchased out of peer pressure and out of being a certified trend victim hehehe. Masaya eh! 😂😆 

So is it worth the hype? You've heard this one too many times on Youtube reviews but YES! Why? You get yourself a really affordable lipstick that is wearable, have good consistency, and great color choices that really do match any skin tone. Packaging is so so pretty, you really get your money's worth.

Here are the shades I got + my own swatches of Sunnies Face's Fluffmatte:

The Everyday Lippies

143 - Berry Rose

Girl Crush - Terracotta Rose

Nudist - Warm Almond Nude

My Personal Favorite: Girl Crush! It reminds me of my favorite Rose Brown shade from Bobbie Brown's Art Sticks...Minus the hefty price tag. It's my kind of nude lippie.

Bold Lippies

Major - Most Perfect Cool Red

Mood - Taupe Mauve

My Personal Favorite: BOTH! Haha! Back when I still wear lipstick, I usually lean on bold colors that brightens the face. Both Major and Mood does the job!

For a lip tint girl, I must say I might start carrying a tube of Sunnies Face Fluffmatte lipstick on my purse starting today! Haha! They are lightweight and very creamy. Obviously, they do not have staying power but I like the tint it leaves on my lips when it wears out. 

Aside from bold lips, here are the autumn trends that I am looking forward to as we enter a whole new season. Most prob my favorite! I made sure to wear some of them on my selfie swatches photos above, hehe!

1) Gold Earrings - Hoop, Huge Clip-Ons, Thin and Long Strings
2) Gold Medallion Necklaces
3) Leopard Prints
4) Colors of Autumn: Orange, Brown, Tan, Yellow, Red
5) Boots!
6) Leather Jackets
7) Military Prints / Camo
8) Tweed
9) Peachy / Terracotta makeup

And lastly, I am ending this post with photos of me eventing with Charlie circa 2012-2013. 😅

I am not sure if everyone knows this, but Sunnies started out as a clothing and accessories brand--much like Cotton On or H&M, and they called their store Charlie. But I think the business only took off when they focused on sunglasses. I am amused watching the zero to hero success story of this team. 

If there are business lessons to pick-up from all these, it's to:

1) Focus on one thing, improve on it, before developing the next big thing.
2) Partner up with trendsetters that a lot of people follow when it comes to style!
3) Branding is as important as the product itself--but make sure to have both! They go hand-in-hand.
4) A lot of people are suckers for packaging. "Instagram worthy" should now be a part of your marketing strategy (for product packaging and also for store look), especially if your market are the millennials. 
5) And lastly, don't forget to try and try again. Innovate, experiment, if it fails, pick yourself up and move on. The important thing is never stop trying.

You might just be one step closer to your viral product!

Excited for what's next, Sunnies Face!
This is not a sponsored post. :)

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