In A Nutshell: Slides From My KTO and KLOOK Korean Drama Locations Talks!

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

I had two consecutive guest speaker stints in less than a month, and as an introvert, I still can't believe that I was able to pull off both public speaking engagements well! I mean, I am not greedy, I am already satisfied after committing just a few minor buckles and no dead airs so yey! 😂

The crowd during the Korea Tourism Organization Travel Seminar, venue is Mind Museum BGC:

The crowd during Klook Travel Fest, venue is SM Aura SMX:

Same same outfits for the two talks, mwahaha! (Hindi ko sadya) 😅😅😅

Anyway, I decided to share here on my blog some snippets from my two talks. Although both are similar when it comes to the topic (I am now a master in Korea travel, majoring in Kdrama Locations hahaha), there are still little differences like the span of time allotted for the talks (KTO was shorter), and my conscious inclusion of the packages and activities for the Klook talk (of course, I have to incorporate the client's offerings in my slides diba!). 

If you're interested in this topic, then read on! :)


I started both my talks with a little introduction and self promotion, haha! And like in almost all my past talks, I love holding a mini social media game so that my audience will post my pictures or videos and I have something to repost after everything, hehehe. 

Aura! Hahaha!

 I introduce myself as a lifestyle blogger boxed as a Korea blogger. Even during my Euro trip, followers will send direct messages either asking when I am going back to Korea (hahaha) or that the location I just posted is also featured in a Korean Drama or variety show! Sa totoo lang, naaamaze ako sa Team Korea!! 😁 Ang tatalas ng mga mata! Hehehe!

I will also explain how and why I started going to Korean drama locations, which is the essence of this talk hehe. I am a 4-seasons fan, so I enjoy going back to Korea every change of weather. I know that Japan and some other countries also have autumn, spring, and winter... But Korea to me is the most affordable, easy to navigate, and must I say even female solo-traveler friendly!

So it was Spring of 2017 when I decided to go back to Seoul to see cherry blossoms again, and enjoy the cool weather. Since I only have cherry blossom park visits in my itinerary, I decided to maximize the short trip by adding stuff I haven't done on my first 2 visits in Korea. I thought na why not go to the settings of the Korean dramas that I just watched diba?


And so the day before my flight, I printed out these specific scenes using my Instax camera. The next day at the airport, waiting for my flight, I Googled and wrote down the addresses, nearest train stations, and arranged my Korean Drama itinerary at the back of my plane ticket.

Essentials to locate your favorite Kdrama's shooting sites: 

1) Google! Do your research.

2) When plotting your destinations, make sure to arrange them by train station and train line to save time and effort of going back and forth.

3) Essential apps: Google Maps for navigating your walks, Seoul Metro App for navigating your train rides, and Klook (of course!) so you can book your internet, entrance fees, etc. online and in advance

4) Follow websites dedicated to Korean Drama location hunting! is a site where contributors share filming locations, while @subongpark is an Instagram account by a Korean couple that even reenacts the scene of the Kdrama! 

Of course, you always have me! Hehehe! 😁

Usually, cafes and restos have posters in front to show that this or that show was filmed in their store!


The meat of my talk! I share about 20++ of my favorite Korean Drama shooting locations, and how to find them. By this time, I ask the audience to take out their camera phones and snap my slides for future reference! 

Sharing a few of them here:

Goblin's House

Heo Joon Jae's House

Bok Chicken

The Han River Cruise and Namsan Tower Obvservatory can be booked in advance and with discounted fares via Klook:

Some recent dramas included in my slides:

Abandoned House in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Park in I Am Not A Robot

Alleys in Something In The Rain

And of course, Korean Dramas that are set outside of Seoul!

Crown Prince's Pond in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

My Love From Another Star

Winter Sonata

Aera and Dong Man's House in Fight For My Way

E-World in Daegu

How to conveniently go to Busan or Daegu from Seoul? Check out the Korea Rail Pass (KR Pass) available via Klook:


These are activities or sites in Korea that are not a specific kdrama location, but will remind you of a scene or two from your favorite show!

Going around Seoul, billboards in subway stations and shopping streets like Myeongdong and Hongdae all feature Korean drama actors as their endorsers! Minsan magugulat ka nalang na uy! Napanood ko na sya somewhere!

My favorite "very Kdrama" meals in Korea: Spicy Cheese Ramyeun in a convenience store, soju in a Pojangmacha or soju tent, and coffee breaks in Dal.Komm!

My favorite indoor activity in Korea when I just want to relax my tired feet: Watch a no-subtitle Korean movie in CGV or Lotte Mall, and relax in a jjimjilbang (Korean public bath house)!

I also visited a few TV stations and experience halls in Seoul:


And lastly, I have a new bucket list if I will be given another chance to visit Korea! So yes, I will still go back!!

1) Wear a Korean school uniform and pretend to be Kang Mirae hehehe!

2) I really really want to experience a Korean templestay:

3) I have been to Korea 8x already, and haven't even tried their noraebang (karaoke)! Maybe because most of the time I travel solo.

4) Another My ID is Gangnam Beauty inspired activity: Indoor Baseball!

5) I also want to watch a Kpop concert in Seoul:

6) And of course, why not diba hahaha! Professional wedding photography in Korea when the time comes! Haha!

 I always end my talk by of course flashing my social media accounts again, hahaha! And by saying stuff like do whatever makes your heart flutter, and I hope we can continue our fan girling online. :)

More snaps from both KTO and KLOOK events:

With my fellow guest speakers and representative of KTO Manila: 

Thank you KTO for this opportunity to share my stories to Korea travellers: 

My support group after the KTO Talk: Monica and Chelsi my Bloggers United babies, and my super supportive friend Ava! Thank you so much for being there! It means millions to me!

We just have to avail the Harry Potter photo zone:

Music right after my Klook talk:

Availing the hanbok and photo zone at the KTO booth during Klook Travel Fest:

If you want to read more on my Korea and Kdrama Tour, here are more relevant links to my travel journals!

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I am so grateful that I have been given a stage in this stage of my life (HAHA) where I can go in front of hundreds of people just to talk about the things that I love. Kahit ako hindi makapaniwala till now, haha! I still do get nervous especially during the few minutes before going up the stage, but after hearing a person or two in the audience say Annyeong! the moment my first slide flashes on screen, nawawala na ang kaba.

As I professed last Sunday at the Klook Travel Fest, "At home ako dito!" Hehe.

I am not sure when all these Korean obsession will last, but I am happy and anxiety-free right now because of them. Their music, because of the heart-felt Kdrama stories I get to watch, and of course the aegyo-yeppo faces of my K-idols that I look forward to every night hehehe. I really miss my Korea travels now that I had to look back on old travel pictures for my slides... So I guess it's about time to plan another trip? 🍁🌸

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