Nips, cuts and grazes. The problems with shaving – and how to beat them!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve probably been shaving your legs, underarms and even certain other places for a few years now, maybe even (gasp!) a few decades…and like with most things, we get into the same old routine and the same old ways of doing things, even if those ways might not be necessarily be good for our skin.

If you’re struggling with irritated skin after your shave, with lumps and bumps, those annoying areas that always seem to have hair growing even after you’ve shaved them and if your skin just feels dry, then don’t worry. Although there is a range of hair removal methods out there, here we’ll get to the root of the problem and provide you with some helpful shaving tips you can even pass on!

Try not to rush
Yes, it’s early morning and you need to get ready for work and sort the kids for school, so shaving your legs needs to be done ASAP! It’s tempting to reach for the razor as soon as we step into the shower, however it’s actually advised that you wait at least 15 minutes before you start to shave. This way your skin softens up and your follicles open more. So, make shaving your legs the last job you do in there.  

Add it to your night-time routine
As mentioned above, shaving is something we tend to do during our morning shower. However studies have shown that shaving your legs at night actually gives you smoother results. This is because at night our legs swell a little, allowing the hair to go back into the follicle. Give it a try and see you can notice a difference.  

Never shave dry!
You might be a rush so shaving dry is very tempting. But where you might save time, you’re actually causing damage to your skin and are more likely to cut and nick your skin! Applying some gentle shaving cream or even hair conditioner will give you fantastic results without the need for plasters afterwards!

Make sure it’s clean!
Always shaving with a fresh, clean razor means that you’ll get a cleaner and better result and you’re less likely to cut and slice your skin. You’re also not spreading dead skin cells and germs all over yourself which is certainly a bonus!

What? Exfoliating your legs? Sounds odd but it’s true! Exfoliation is key to a clean, smooth and perfect shave. Exfoliating before you shave means that your razor will be able to get right down to the root of the hair and give you a super smooth result. Give it a try and you’ll see the difference!  

Make sure you moisturise
I know, I know – you’re super busy. But taking the time to dry and apply moisturiser to your shaved areas will really help with preventing those red bumps and lumps and stop the redness. Hydrating your legs will make them look and feel softer and even smoother too.

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  1. yay, nice. i dont usually shave since hairy ako and kakapal lalo if shaved and itchiness after tumubo ☺️


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