Maria Health: Healthcare Plans Made Easy For Freelancers

Monday, May 13, 2019

I've been working freelance all my life, and as much as I love being my own boss, working at my own pace, and developing more of my creativity--there are downsides that come in being self-employed. 

I learned a lot over the years the different adulting essentials that I do without. First is having my business registered and pay my taxes (check!). Second is having insurance investments (check!). I am now dealing with another concern that I realized is super important especially on cases when I needed to go for a check-up and have to pay full price. I am now looking into getting healthcare plans that my employed sisters automatically receive from their job!

Then I discovered Maria Health

What Is Maria Health?

Maria Health is an online one-stop-shop health platform that provides simple and easy to access healthcare to every Filipino.

Did you know that an estimate of only 5% of the Philippines’s 100 million population are medically insured because of lack of access to providers? 

Maria Health is set to solve this problem by inviting some of the country’s top providers such as Maxicare, PhilCare, and AsianLife to pool their healthcare plans ONLINE where they can reach everyone!

Aside from freelancers, Maria Health market also includes overseas workers, business owners, health enthusiasts, and mothers. 

MediCard RxER delivered just in time for Mother's Day! It's the perfect gift for mommy who is a housewife for more than a decade now. Of course, it's the best gift also to myself as a freelancer.

Here's how Maria Health website looks like! You can choose the health plan that will fit your needs, and compare coverage and prices from different providers. All in one online shop!

Maria Health has revolutionized the healthcare shopping experience by offering you the ability to pull plans beside each other and compare which fit your needs and budget best.

For comprehensive plans, you can instantly get a free unbiased proposal from experts by simply answering a few questions. The proposal contains the best possible options you can enroll yourself, your family, or your business to.

for prepaid plans, you can choose from Maria Health’s wide range of packages and bundles covering emergency care, diagnostic exams, and doctor consultations to name a few.

Best part is, they have a lot of frequently asked questions section, and a customer care hotline (email, cellphone, and chat options) all over their website. They make healthcare plans simple and understandable and accessible. Sa totoo lang, I've never been this less intimidated when it comes to healthcare adulting essentials!

Simply put, you can find and shop for a plan that fits your health needs in just a few clicks.    
Visit, and follow them on Instagram @MariaHealthPh. 

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