Cha Eun Woo Pilgrimage: Sulbing, Fantagio, Your ID Is Gangnam Beauty Location

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

My list of Kdrama locations got shorter during my recent Korea travels. Maybe it's because I am done with most of the dramas on my list, and kokonti nalang din recent dramas I've watched compared to the last years. I don't want to go to locations just because setting sya sa isang Kdrama if it has no significance to me--like hindi naman nakakaiyak yung scene na shinoot don, or di ko naman naalala kung anong nanyari sa lugar na yun. This time, I also try to focus more on other things when I go to Korea. 

I go there for the different seasons, to discover and learn about a new city, to shop, to try cute cafes or new museums, etc. But of course, my itinerary wouldn't be fully complete without a little Korean pop culture on the side--whether it is Kdrama or Kpop related. For my recent one last Spring of 2019, I decided to go on a little Cha Eun Woo Pilgrimage.


I started following ASTRO since I finished My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. I got so shamelessly addicted to Cha Eun Woo, so I checked out his former shows and guestings--including The Best Hit and his part in On The Border. Of course, I also watched ASTRO's To Be Continued, music videos, and behind the scene vids. I am not sure when it ended, but nagka phase talaga ako when I always open Youtube for old ASTRO videos before heading to sleep! πŸ˜‚

I think first time ko din nagamit yung follow hashtag feature on Instagram, when I follow #ChaEunWoo and #Astro. I think it's through this hashtag where I discovered some of ASTRO's latest endorsements including SULBING.

I've tried this bingsoo place na before in Myeongdong, and I know how big this brand is in Korea so imagine na sobrang proud-fan moment for me when I entered the cafe and saw ASTRO all over their walls and counters. πŸ’œ

Of course I have to try what Eun Woo is holding in the ad campaign, which is the Injeolmi (인절미), a soft rice cake generously coated in sweet bean powder. First time to try traditional Korean flavor for my bingsoo coz I always go for mango! 

How To Get Here: 
Get off Myeongdong Station, and search Sulbing on your Google Maps. They are located at the 3rd floor so make sure to look UP when you pass by the Arirang Hotdog stand!


A failed attempt is to go to Fantagio (management of ASTRO) and dine in their cafe. They were closed that day, huhu! The establishment is a long walk from the subway station, so it was frustrating to just look at the office from the outside. Oh well! I took a few pictures outside Fantagio, and then headed off.

Saw an ASTRO cake! Will be back, Fantagio! 

How To Get Here:

CafΓ© Fantagio is located at the Yeoksam-dong area of Seoul. Nearest station is Yeoksam, Line 2, Exit 1. Input Cafe Fantagio on your Google Maps and follow.

Stairs from My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

I can't think of any significant location in my recent favorite Kdrama than the staircase near where Kang Mi-Rae lives! I can still remember the kilig when Do Kyung Seok waits for Mi-Rae so they can walk to school together. 😍

As usual, any shooting location that is not a mall or a cafe is a long walk from the subway station. As I neared the staircase, I saw a truck and a car parked right in front of it! Locals were also just chilling there, it was hard to take pictures and make it look as if I was just casually passing by and found the stairs cute--HAHA! Halatang sinadya ko yung hagdan e, lels. πŸ˜‚

Screenshots from the Korean Drama:

My one-time self-timer shot on top of the stairs, malayo from the locals hanging out hehe.

Selfie nalang ang labanan! πŸ˜‚

How To Get Here:

Called the Staircase Samseongyo-ro 18ga-gil in real life, the nearest subway station is Bomun Station,  Exit 2. Expect a long walk from the train station, just copy and paste 37.587609, 127.013097 on your Google Maps and follow.


Last but not the least, these are unintentional Cha Eun Woo sightings while I was in Seoul. Since he's a growing star because of My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, brands are taking notice and are getting him as endorser! My favorites are the moving LG ad for their VR, and, of course, this Pure Vitamin C skincare ad in Myeongdong Station na araw-araw kong nadadaanan sa awa ng Diyos (hehehe!).

Note: Still on my list that I wasn't able to accomplish for this trip
- Visit Atelier Cologne shop in Gangnam
- Watch ASTRO live in Korea
- Attend one of ASTRO's brand fan meetings
- Check out Bershka while they still have ASTRO as endorsers

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  1. Same here sis. Nagka ganyang phase din ako and until now. Di buo ang araw if di ko napapanood ang ASTRO vids. πŸ˜„ Thanks sa info. Gagawin ko ding yang ginawa mo pagpunta ko ng Korea 😊


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