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Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Getting hooked on simple jewelries

After years of just wearing a standard black watch with my outfits, I am currently getting into jewelries again. I like necklaces and bracelets, and sometimes I also wear a simple but pretty dangling earrings to compliment my look. 

I only want a few pieces of jewellery that are meaningful to me, and so I am also looking into getting cheap custom jewelry with either my name or initials on it. Like the standard black watch, I am sure a personalized piece will be something that I'll wear everyday and keep for a long long time!

How to maintain you silver jewelries

Since jewelries are in close contact to my skin, and I sweat a lot because of our weather, I researched for ways on how to clean necklace. Here are some tips that I might try!

1) Soak in coke or tea for 12 hours.

2) Scrub with toothpaste and toothbrush.

3) Wipe with silver polishing cloth.

(Check link above for more tips)

Where to get your jewelries

I love getting my jewelries during my travels. It's an instant souvenir that I get to wear even when I am back home. It also tells more story. Seeing a jewellery I bought in India or Korea will bring back good memories from the trip. 

I also recommend buying during special occasions, or when big moments come into your life like when you win something or achieve something. I love checking out jewelries sold online so there's no pressures of buying right away compared to being in an actual store.

Lastly, you can also create your own jewelries. Making a piece with your own hands give it more meaning, the jewellery becomes even more special. Here are some tips on how to make name necklace!

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