Money Talk: 2TradeAsia Allows You To Invest In Stocks ONLINE!

Monday, July 01, 2019

I am sharing what keeps me busy during my down time because this (and YOU!) are important to me!

I’m sure you’ve heard this so many times but putting your money on the bank is okay, but growth will be slow. My ultimate financial goal is to make money even while sleeping.. and this is possible through stocks!


It is simply co-owning companies you are already familiar with or the products you use. Why do these huge companies sell a part of their stocks? So they can expand more, and grow their business.    

ABOUT 2TradeAsia

Before, you really have to go to Manila Stocks Exchange to buy and sell stocks. It is time consuming, and very intimidating. Good thing I learned about 2TradeAsia, an online platform for trading stocks. Now more than ever, it’s easier to invest with stockbrokers like 2TradeAsia.

Incorporated in early 2000, is a pioneer in online stock trading with a mission to develop an innovative and efficient online investment solution in the country. The company's mission is to TRADE.

T - Tailor-fit services according to investors' objective.
R - Reach-out in promoting investing across Asia's securities market beginning with the Philippines 
A - Amplify the best investment platform with innovative trading. 
D - Deliver relevant & up-to-date research.
E - Exemplify our team's commitment to excellence by upholding highest market integrity & compliance.

Read more about 2TradeAsia on their website:


1) You can access it via website or app, so you can trade stocks wherever and whenever (during commutes, while waiting for your friend, or even when traveling!). Having no time or no access is not an excuse now! 

2) 2Trade holds FREE seminars on the stock market in Makati! They make stocks and trading simple and fun even for someone like me who gets easily intimidated by money and numbers. I actually enjoyed their seminar, and learned that you can do stocks even when you can’t read charts and just understand a company’s story! 

3) It won’t eat up your time! 2Trade app features PRICE ALERTS on your phone so you don’t have to always be glued to your screen to find out if numbers are high or low! 

4) Friendly team! Of course, if you want to learn and get involved in something so serious, you wouldn’t expect that the team behind 2Trade will be so light and accommodating! I wasn’t afraid to ask questions, or clarify things I don’t understand during the seminar. They are also very responsive on their FB Messenger if you have questions.

Honestly, more than making money, my goal is to not work forever AND STILL live life to the fullest. And of course, to give back to my parents so they can enjoy life as well free from financial worries!  

Want to learn stocks too? Book your free seminar now by messaging them on IG @ or Facebook! They can explain everything more than I can so I highly recommend it, nothing to lose and no pressures since it’s free! Let’s start being stocks literate together! 


  1. Kaya ko rin ba po itong gawin kahit student palang po ako?

    1. Yes possible sya for any one regardless of age! :) Not time consuming at all :)

    2. gano kalaking halaga po ang kailangan to start?

    3. Hello po! Php 25,000 through the app, or Php 5000 when you go to their seminar first in Makati (you can book through their FB page for free) :)


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