Outdoor Art Museum Under The Bridge | Featured in Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo's Korean Drama Encounter

Friday, June 21, 2019

I only went to 2 Kdrama locations during my recent Seoulo trip, and one of them is from Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo's 2018-2019 series Encounter. 

It would have been nice to visit colorful and lively locations from the first episode of this aesthetically pleasing Korean Drama, but since we can't fly to Cuba now, this is the next best thing!

One of the Seoul scenes that struck me the most was when Kim Jin-hyeok (Park Bo-gum) brought Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-gyo) to an "outdoor art gallery". At first she was reluctant that there's any art gallery that she does not know of in Seoul, but surprise surprise!

There really is an "art exhibition" literally under the bridge! ❤

Next three photos are screenshots from the Kdrama:

In real life, the outdoor art gallery is located at the Hongnam Bridge of Seoul. On my last full day, I decided to spend my morning in this park. And just like the other parks I've been to in Seoul, I enjoyed just people watching. Locals working out, biking, walking briskly to their work, or even sprinting since the grounds are padded and comfortable. I even heard opera music in between my walk, they have speakers in some areas of the park so you have background music when you exercise or just rest in one of the benches.

You can also appreciate nature from just walking under the Hongnam Bridge, with the Hongje Stream running just beside you. Super relaxing!

Walk further, and you'll finally see the artworks displayed on each pillars of the bridge. There are reading materials on some points, but they are in Hangul. 

Finally saw the highlighted artwork from Encounter. ❤

How To Get There:

Ride the Seoul subway, and get off Gajwa Station Exit 4. Prepare for a long walk (around 20mins)! If you see a bridge on your left side, that's it! Input 37.574984, 126.925292 on your Google Maps so you won't get lost. Just walk and walk. Make sure to study the view from the back of this pillar (the round structure with red roof) so you'll know you're on the right painting. Good luck!

To those seeing Park Bo Gum in Manila for his fan meeting, enjoy! ❤

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