A Fan Girl's Heart | Cha Eun Woo in Manila!

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

I will never know how HUGE my capacity is--to spend, to be hopeful, and to endure--until I chose the fan girl life.

Standing in line for hours to buy that pricey fan meeting ticket or merch with no assurances that I'll even get what I want.

Celebrating a birthday, a comeback, a release from the military, an endorsement, or an award nomination announcement from a group living 1700+ miles away from me.

Being extremely happy for a generic selfie Tweet of an idol saying good night, or how was your day, or that he will always appreciate you (and millions of his other fans).

Spending hard earned money to support projects, even hold own fan projects, enrol for another year of membership, just to express full love and support for a group of boys.

Will people find me weird? Do I know someone who can go with me to the events? I don't actually care as long as this makes me happy.

Oh well, I guess that's what you call a fan girl's heart. ❤

I wasn't expecting that this will happen this year, but my main bias since watching My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Cha Eun Woo decided to include Manila in his first solo fan meeting tour Just One 10 Minute. I've watched a lot of fan meetings since I got into Korean Drama in 2017, but this one is definitely the one that I've been waiting for! Let's talk about concerts some other time, hehe!

I heard about his fan meeting way back before the announcement through my friend Shine of Cha Eun Woo Philippines. It was posted online already by Eunwoo's management. Shine offered to buy our tickets for us if we're sure to get VVIP seats, so I am grateful that I don't have to go through ticket-buying stress thanks to her!

Bought these BEEP card Cha Eun Woo matte stickers via Shopee weeks prior the fan meeting. Nag kulang sya, half lang ang dumating but it's ok. I have no other plans but to just distribute it to random Arohas.

On the day of the fan meeting, I had a busy work morning as part of the E! Pop Gala team, so I had to rush to New Frontier in the afternoon and only then was I able to stick my notes in all 500 sticker cards! 😅 Mabuti nalang medyo matraffic that day!

Ang problem lang with the traffic was that my fan meeting buddy Ashley was late for the show! Huhu! She arrived after the first song na, so I made sure to record what she missed.

I was just entering the venue when they suddenly announced that the show is about to start. Nakakaloka! I was settling palang when they suddenly played Astro's Call Out, and alam niyo naman na ang naaattendan ko palang na Astro concert ay through a projector, sobrang naantig ako when countless of purple star robongs were lifted in the air, pumping to Wichinda! AHHH! My Aroha heart!

I have both my Astro robong and Cha Eun Woo's official light stick with me. May time na hindi ko na alam anong ililift ko, Astro, Eunwoo, o yung cell phone ko to record hehehehe.

I have to be honest, the fan meeting felt fast. Also, sa dinami-dami nadin ng naattendan ko na fan meeting, I'd say Eunwoo's lang ata sadly yung walang stage participation ng fans like games or yung tatawag randomly sa cellphone from the audience--but of course, that's the management's call.

I still enjoyed coz in his own way, parang nag sstory time lang si Eunwoo sa amin from the stage. He even told us his recent nightmares, and some moments with ASTRO members too! He also prepared other things for us, like 2 dream catchers he made on-the-spot and raffled off to lucky fans. He also raffled off a polaroid and a red cap he wore during the Challenge Golden Bell segment, but yun nga lang, walang akyat sa stage and akap yun winners, huhu!

Ang highlight I guess for this fan meeting is Eunwoo singing a Filipino song (Ben&Ben's Kathang Isip!). Naprove niya talaga sa part nato na: a) May potential linguist siya sa bilis niya pumick-up ng ibang language to think madami siyang fan meetings pa before this, b) Ang sharp talaga ng memory niya, and c) Super sweet ng gesture knowing he wants to surprise his fans with a song that everyone in the audience can understand!

Overall, it was a very thoughtful fan meeting where everyone enjoyed and everyone had the chance to hi-five Eunwoo (albeit the strict securities). I am just keeping my hopes up that this is not the last Cha Eun Woo encounter. It will not be "Just One 10 Minute". I had the chance to interact with Sandara Park for a show one summer ago, I believe anything is possible! Till then, I am just happy to have experienced this. 😊

Full house! I am so proud for all the Arohas who went out that night!
Official photos from Wilbros Live's Facebook page:

Can you spot me and my denim bucket hat? Hehe!

Team Bahay, you can watch my video here! I think I captured almost all the highlights--for you and for my memory's sake:

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