Anagon Mail 006


Q: Ms. Ana can I ask po for recommendations sa online shop na binibilan nyo po nung beads for DIY?

A: These are the beads I used before! Will vlog about this soon a DIY day pls expect it! Thank you!

Q: What Korean lesson are you studying now?

A: Currently on my 4th week for this course naman in Coursera. I finished the First Step Korean almost a month ago, tapos sinundan ko agad with this. (Beginner Course - Learn To Speak Korean 1)

Q: How not to feel bad when you don't accomplish the things you need to do?

A: Will speak from the heart, I still feel bad whenever I fail to accomplish what I need to accomplish. 😅

So here are things that I will do when faced in that situation:

1. I will pull-off an all nighter to finish it. Bahala na walang tulog.
2. If I can't do this, I will apologize agad agad to anyone na maaabala ko for not accomplishing the task on time.
3. I will set a new deadline and make sure to DO IT this time.

Q: Have you encountered hates online? How did you manage it?

A: Yes of course! I guess di maiiwasan yan when you post public stuff, and won't pretend na di ako affected, ang shaket shaket kaya hahaha.

Hindi ako ever naging confrontational so I either:

1. Reply politely coz I reply to all, but tipong sana magising sya sa sinabi nya lol.
2. I delete the comment and pretend di ko nabasa charot not charot lol
3. Eto given nato, I bring it up sa close friend or friends ko. Sinusumbong ko talaga HAHA. Alam nyo nakaka feel good talaga when your close friends will defend you kahit sa groups nyo lang, hindi kailangan patulan publicly. Mailabas ko lang sama ng loob ko.

And friends will build you up with good words about you na muntik mo na malimutan (because of one hate statement). Marerealize mo na these are the true people who know the real you. :) 

Q: When did you start being a blogger / vlogger?

A: 2004 or 2005! :) Blogged more about this recently, CLICK HERE if you want to read, thank you!

Q: Can you share more of this 21 Days of Abundance Challenge? 

A: Yey, I really want to talk more about this but not sure if people are interested!

Basically, I receive prompts everyday that moment I wake up via a Telegram group, tapos may simple task I need to follow. Usually written stuff lang. And then there's a meditation guide I have to listen to.

Everything for about 10-15 minutes lang everyday. You can actually do it anytime of the day, but ang sarap lang gumising na affirming words ang una mong mariringing.

You think I should blog about this? Will you follow / do it if ever?

Q: What do you think of VMin's friendship?

A: Sharing 4 frames as my answer to this! :) 

(V's letter to Jimin in Bon Voyage, V crying after a concert because of mistakes on stage while Jimin comforted him, Jimin running to V when he cried during a Bon Voyage episode, Jimin encouraging V to try busking / singing in the streets during a Bon Voyage episode--saying he's just there to watch his friend enjoy and perform)

Q: One the pandemic is over, which country or where do you intend to go to?

A: Answered Korea before coz may naka book na kami talaga ni @artsyava for summer 2021, but may nadagdag akong travel goal! A camper van trip! ❤

Q: Do you think it'll be safe to travel by 2021?

A: Naka attend ako ng Cebpac online press event few weeks back and inask din sila ng isang newspaper writer ng same question, here's what they replied na napabilib naman talaga ako sa honesty nila:

I...I really don't know.

Imbis ikut ikutin pa, wala talaga sagot dito. I guess wala talagang makakaalam kung kelan ba magkaka vaccine or cure, and kelan ba to aabot ng Pilipinas if ever magkaroon man na.. Ibang issue nanaman yan.

We can only hope and pray by some miracle baka bukas na bukas din biglang maging ok na lahat. Well kung Cebpac walang sagot ako din mismo wala pang sagot. 😅🙏

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Buy Affordable High Quality Rings Online


Kpop idols made me want to invest in more everyday-use jewelries. 

They always mix and match their bracelets, necklaces, and earrings so effortlessly! And even the men idols look so cool in their stacked rings.

I am particularly fond of Kim Taehyung's thin rings. Very simple but statement pieces! I recently got one from an instagram jewellery brand in the Philippines

I am currently wearing it as I am typing this, haha!

If you're looking for affordable jewellery brand in the Philippines, check out They offer products that are both affordable and high-quality, including 925 sterling silver with swarovski crystals and Titanium jewellery for everyday use. 

Sharing my favorites from their site:




They also have affordable wedding and engagement rings with gemstones or Swarovski crystals. Most items are on sale now at below Php 5000!

For your peace of mind, ZOEY even offers LIFETIME replacement, if you have issues with your jewellery within the first three months, they will replace it for free. After that, you only pay for the shipping and handling fee of P800 pesos. 

Now what ring to get next? 😊❤

Visit for more info.

Dealing with Anxieties


its okay not to be okay
Illustration from Kdrama "It's Okay Not To Be Okay"

Last Monday, I opened up about my anxieties.

I often think it's a topic that I won't ever talk about again, because before I felt that doing so will only cause negativity to others and I don't want to be that person. You see, years back, I usually just write whatever I felt on my past blogs. I had a phase where I wrote sad things everyday because this blog was my sole outlet. And then one day somebody commented that she doesn't want to read my blog anymore because it's always sad. I was on a quarter life crisis, and it was a time when mental health wasn't as talked about as now.

Anyway, I think I have reached a point of self-control where I am not as all-over the place even when I am not okay, but I can still share personal things online from time to time. And thank God, people are raising mental health issues more now that I won't be accused of just being negative. 

So last Monday, I shared that I woke up with physical pains on my chest, as if I can't breathe. In my heart I know that it's another anxiety attack, it happened the day after the MECQ was announced.

This time, I received messages of comfort. I have around 43% frontliner friends on my Instagram, so I also received professional pieces of advice. 

Sharing some of them here:

1) Fear Paralysis Reflex Exercise

2) Pranayama 

3) Grounding

4) Headspace App

5) Slow Deep Breaths + Meditation

6) Do fun stuff - Origami, painting, etc.

What I did:

1. Immediate action: breathe in, breathe out (try this guide)
2. Did fun things throughout the day: Did my usual Korean language class, didn't pressure myself
3. Easy workouts in the afternoon - low intensity, just to moderate my breathing
4. Talked about it to my fam, even for a  day I stopped exposing myself to things that will affect me or give me intense emotions
5. At night: Comforting music, back to watching KDrama (It's Okay Not To Be Okay), and list 5 things I am grateful for the day.

Blogging 101: How I Started A Blog and Other Questions


I find it amusing whenever I still get questions on how to start a blog. I thought that people will prefer opening a Youtube channel by now, so I get excited when I see young people still wanting to write. 

Getting these questions though will often freeze my brain, I don't know where to start! It has been years since I opened this page, and I feel that I just learned the entire process by taking the plunge-- diving head first even though I barely know what I am putting myself into or what I have to do next. I guess it's a good thing, I started blogging simply to document and write.

To finally come up with a blog post on blogging, I gathered questions from my Instagram Story viewers to create this long overdue post. If you want to know more, or there are things not included on this post, feel free to ask them on the comment box below so I can maybe write a Part 2! Here goes....

Q: How to start blogging? 

Similar questions:

- How to make a blog po hehehe I want to start po sana to share my interest and thoughts.

- Where and how do you start??

- How to start website or channel

A: I started my blog at around 2004 or 2005. Blogging was all new then, it wasn't even considered as work. I have three purposes for opening one:

1. I was a journalism student then, so writing was really my thing. I wanted to practice and find my own writing style, so I thought that it will help if I also write outside school requirements. Blogging has become my outlet and medium of expression.

2. I also opened my blog to practice how it feels to be read by the public! I used to write in my private diary a lot (I had one since Grade 1!), but since my goal is to write for magazines, I have to be prepared for the variety of tastes and even the criticisms of a bigger audience!

3. I also wanted to document my day-to-day happenings so I have something to look back to someday. As mentioned earlier, I have a diary since I was a kid! Having an online version of this made it more interactive and fun and high tech, it also felt as if it will outlast my journals (with this, I stand corrected with Multiply website now defunct huhu).

How to make a blog or start a blog? 

First just choose your platform. There are a lot, but I only know 2 sites commonly used by my contemporaries, either Blogspot or Wordpress. You can open an account in these sites for free by just signing up, like how you opened your FB or IG. You only have to pay for your domain.

Meanwhile a domain is your personalized www address. Meaning, if you opt for a free domain then that's, versus having a paid version which will appear like You can also choose if you want a .com, .net, .ph, etc. Price varies, but for mine I consistently pay around 10 USD every year even to this day. There are plenty of options online, and you can buy this from different reputable sites like or Enom.

After customizing the domain, you can now proceed with your blog design. I used to just tinker with the free Blogspot layouts, you can change everything from the fonts, background, colors, your header and sidebar photos, etc. My new layout is from It looks more professional! You can hire a designer too, but I was able to score affordable and pretty layouts on Etsy for less than Php 500. They are customizable, easy to understand, affordable, and you also get to support an artist!

After that, there's nothing else to do but to write write write. What will you post? What's the theme of your blog? Make sure to also promote the link of your new entries on your existing social media pages to grow your audience.


Q: What’s your very first blog?? What is it all about? Hehe.


A: My first blog is called Bohemian Revolution in I used to post day-to-day musings there, even simple things like song lyrics and my emo "feels" after listening to a song, hehehehe. 

The blog name came from Moulin Rouge, a movie I was obsessed about at that time. Sineryoso ko talaga yung pagiging writer katulad ng lead character dun hehe. It was a fun time when people post daily, and comment on each other's blogs, and layouts were all blinking, glittery, and blinding! 😂

My first Blogspot is this one, you can scroll til end to see my first post here! This blog used to be called The Fashionista Commuter. I opened this new blog to have a separate documentation for my outfits, since I post random life happenings on my Multiply.

So aside from posting pictures of my OOTDs, I have a twist where I show what I actually wore when I was commuting with the outfit. Example my OOTD was a short dress, but when commuting I wear pants or maxi skirt over it! I also added a few story on how my day went.


My very first blog post here in, April 25, 2009

Q: How to be good at writing?


A: I think as with anything you have to do it repetitively. Continue writing and practicing your own voice and style. You won't be good in driving or biking if you don't do it everyday. Make it a habit to write a lot, even if this is just one page in your notebook everyday. Don't mind your structure or grammar, just write write write.

Another way is to expose yourself to writings. Read a lot! Books, articles, magazines, etc. You have to feed your brain, plant seeds, so that you will bear fruits one day. 

If you have the time, you can also study writing. Almost all my subjects in college are writing related from feature writing, news, literary such as short stories and poems, etcetera. I also attended one-day workshops. You can take free online classes too, or just watch Youtube tutorials, etc. Again, feed your brain all the time!


Q: How do you maintain the essence of blogging?

A: I really just have to go back to my 3 main goals why I started one in 2009: For expression, for documentation, and for my readers.

I've had lots of moments in my more than 10 years of blogging where I feel really insecure and bothered that most of the posts I produced this month were sponsored or press releases for brands I was working with. But now I have come to terms that I can still do both: Just find the balance of blogging for work and blogging for personal reasons. If I feel that the seesaw is tipping over more on one side, I have to stop and reassess my self and my blog again. 

That's just how it is, we will commit mistakes along the way. But the real loser is the one who will not stop, pick himself up, and learn from his mistakes.


Q: How to come up with the next topic? 

Similar questions:

- How do you come up with topics to write about?

- On searching good content

- Hirap mag isip ng content haha


A: Here are several ways that I can think of and have applied in my own blog content creation:

1. What are your current interests? Write about it. Example, I recently studied Korean language online. It was a process, so I thought it can be a one full blog post.

2. What do your readers want to learn from you? Since they will be the ones reading your work, you can ask for suggestions or tips through your Instagram Stories or FB page. I have Q&A Mondays where I also find out what most of my viewers want, so I play around with these topics until I come up with a title or theme that I can work on for my next posts.

You can base it also on frequently asked questions every time you post something. Example! Every time I post about a trip, I get asked about visa requirements, itinerary, my travel budget, or even where I'm staying. I list these questions for possible future blog post topics.

3. If you are also a reader of another blogger, what are they writing about? It's not explicitly copying their content especially if you will talk about your own take and experiences on things. Example, they blogged about their room renovation or online shopping haul. When you post about these topics, for sure you have a different room, different style or aesthetic or budget, and for sure you purchased different stuff online, etc. Same in travels, for sure there are over thousands of Korea blog posts out there, but your experiences will always be unique.

Side Note: Think of something that will be of value to your readers. Share tips, suggestions, life hacks. Posting about your trip? Inject lessons you picked up during your travel, add pieces of advice on what they should do or not do. Be someone who gives VALUE to your audience.

Q: Any app or website guide on checking grammars? How to choose the right words?


A: I haven't tried using apps for grammar check, but I always see ads on GRAMMARLY. It has good reviews too, maybe I should consider getting one!! I usually just copy paste in Google a sentence or phrase or word that I feel iffy or uncomfortable reading, and see if there are other better ways to put them.


Q: Is it possible to hide my identity?


A: I haven't tried this one too, but I do know someone who writes anonymously on her LiveJournal before. So yes you can hide your identity by having a different username, and maybe you can even create a separate dedicated email for your account?


Q: Ano pong gamit niyong filter apps sa IG? Gaganda kasi.


A: Currently back to VSCO, I love the M Series of this app. But I still use my Lightroom for my own filters.


Q: Sa mga music po na ginagamit, dapat po ba laging naka credit? 

A: Guilty of not placing the source of music on my IG Stories and IGTV since they are usually just short vlogs, but promise to credit everything na when I use music for my Youtube. Crediting is still the best practice for this!


To end this blog post, here's a short Q&A with my blogger friends (thank you friends for answering!). I started almost same time as them, and we all started our pages as hobby or outlet. I am sure you'll also learn a thing or two from them... Enjoy!


Featured Bloggers:
Aisa Ipac of
Ava Zabat of
Ashley Dy of

Aisa Ipac @paxieness
Aisa Ipac of

When did you start blogging?
Aisa: 2008
Ava: I started blogging 2005. But in my current platform 2008 :)
Ashley: 2009

How did you design your blog layout?
Aisa: Etsy layout!:)
Ava: I designed it in a way for it to be minimalist, easy to navigate and some colors pleasing to the eyes
Ashley: I bought a theme online and tweak it myself haha

Ava Zabat @artsyava

Why did you start your blog?
Aisa: I just wanted to document my ootds, shopping finds and also an outlet to bare my emotions
Ava: I started it to share bits of my of life, things I love and also hoping to inspire others in the process :)
Ashley: I was a writer for our school newspaper back in HS and college. Writing/ blogging is just something natural to me.

When did you start seeing your blog grow?
Aisa: 2011 when I joined Chictopia and met other bloggers
Ava: I started seeing it grow around 2011? People started reading more blogs then and it grew :)
Ashley: When I moved to Japan, there are a lot of Japan fans who read my blog thus my audience are mostly Japan lovers.

Ashley Dy @ashleydy

Any tips or advice to new bloggers?
Aisa: Always write for yourself first❤️
Ava: My advice is don’t be afraid to start! We all have to start somewhere and eventually, with consistency, passion and determination, you’ll find that blogging is really a fun place to let your thoughts roam free :)
Ashley: For aspiring bloggers, always remember who you are, what your core values are so you won’t get lost in the process. There are a lot of temptations in this industry and the bravest thing to do is to be your authentic self.

Anagon Mail 005: Message To Our Frontliners


I wasn't feeling well when I woke up last Monday. With all that's happening in the world, I think it affected me a lot mentally and physically. 

As you've most prob know, I dedicate my Monday's Instagram Stories to communicating with my audience through a question and answer segment. The past weeks I've been doing it, I think it's not only you who got to know me more, but I was also able to get to know more about you, what excites or interests you, simply through the type of questions you sent!

But for this week, with this Jumanji nightmare we're in, I can't put myself into my usual Q&A mode. For this Monday, I don't want this segment to be about me. 

I asked my Instagram friends if there are any frontliners among them, and if they aren't, what's their message to our frontliners.

We've been suffering from all the adjustments, all the uncertainties, and all the losses for the past 5 months or so. Experiencing sadness, rage and anxieties are valid emotions right now. 

But in a corner of a hospital room or a makeshift tent, cladded in head-to-toe protective suit even on days temperature hits above 30 degrees outside, no chance to hug their loved ones as tightly as before to find strength again to face another day, we have our modern heroes sacrificing their time and their lives for us. Let us keep them in mind in all days, and let us stand up for them when we hear things that they do not deserve. 

Here are beautiful words for our doctors, nurses, and all our healthcare heroes:

UNBOXING: BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ | How To Connect Galaxy Buds+ with iPhone


I finally bought my own Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition! 

I was stopping myself from making any big purchases, but I was also thinking of these limited edition releases for daysss now. 

Finally, when the earbuds were available again online, I took the plunge! 

Here's an unboxing of my biggest BTS purchase to date. Hoping to get my hands on the phone next!

The packaging is so nice! It has a matte and very luxurious feel to it. The box is also bigger than usual for Samsung earbuds packaging, but it contains a case aside from the actual earbuds. It looks like the box of a phone. They filled the packaging with with lots of BTS references, including BTS purple logo, 7 purple hearts, stars, and the words I believe in your Galaxy.

Here's how the main charging case of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ looks like. It's in metallic silver, with the logo of Samsung and BTS in front.  

The extra case for the case (lol) is a bit matte. It has the words "I Purple You" inside, and a purple heart on the other side. They are easy to attach with a snap on the bottom part, and sticky tape on the upper part. But a bit harder to remove for bottom part.

Ang ganda sobra! You can also attach a keychain or lanyard on the case. Battery life is also good. I've been using it since I got it last Friday, and haven't charged it since (today's a Sunday).

More BTS details: Purple BTS logo and purple heart on the earbuds itself:

You will also get these matte photo cards with your earbuds, all the BTS members wearing the Galaxy Buds+. I tried to take my photo with same pose but nvm haha!

It's my first time to use a Samsung Galaxy Buds+, and pairing it with my iPhone was a bit of a challenge compared to my other airpods from before. I've tried JBL, RealMe, and Joyroom where you simply open the bluetooth and auto-connect. 

For the Samsung buds, my iPhone did not easily recognize it until I downloaded the Galaxy Buds app--thankfully available for ios users.

How to pair iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy Buds+

1. Must be an iPhone 7 or later unit. 

2. Turn on your bluetooth.

3. Download the Galaxy Buds app. 

4. Wear your earbuds, then navigate the Galaxy Buds app to connect phone and earbuds. 

5. You'll only be doing this once. Later on, I just open and wear my buds, and connect it to my phone via bluetooth.

Galaxy Buds App + Touch Controls

You can still use the app for other Samsung Galaxy Buds+ modifications, including Ambient Sound, Equalizer, Touch Controls, and Find My Earbuds features.

For the touch controls, single tap to pause or play your music, double tap: to skip to next track or answer/end a call. 

Where To Buy BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ in Philippines

I bought mine online via Samsung Philippines' official page in Shopee. You can check if it's the official page as it's the one with the red check next to its shop logo. Samsung Philippines also has a Lazada page and website.

I got my BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for Php 9000+, including the shipping fee. The good thing with Shopee is that it's easy to refund your money in case the item did not arrive or if you're not satisfied with the unit. Thankfully, everything arrived in good condition, and packed well in a brown box and bubble wrap. 

One thing I regret though is that they are also selling this same thing in Weverse with a free BTS edition of Samsung's Wireless Charging Pad (also in violet). But it's so hard for me to shop overseas the past months, so I guess I still got a good deal. Right now the BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ listing in Shopee is already soldout!

Since I always wear my old airpods at home whenever I workout, listen to music as I was the dishes (hehehe), or meditate in the morning via Youtube guide, I've been using my BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds+ every single day. Love this purchase, and will use it well! 

Borahae, BTS!

Listen to my BTS Playlist here:

Watch my unboxing video here: