INCHEON TRAVEL BLOG: Chinatown, Fairytale Village, and Goblin Shooting Location

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Prior this trip, the only thing I know about Incheon is that it is the city where we go to and from South Korea's main airport.

I'm already more than half-way for this trip when I decided to explore Incheon beyond the Incheon International Airport. Sharing some of the places I was able to go to during that short visit!

I remember getting lazier by the day, hehe! I think I went out past lunchtime na.

My usual brunch in my room. Instant vegetable lugaw that you can microwave, then I top it with boiled egg and nori strips. Everything conveniently available in CU or 7Eleven, so I have a lot of this in my ref.

Messy desk situation. I usually just plan my day in the morning by reading blog tips or watching Youtube videos.

I used my Seoul Metro app to navigate my way to Incheon Station. After two transfers, I was in Line 1 where Incheon Station is. It will take more than 10 stops before Incheon, so I decided to just chill from my seat.

I think I was editing an IGTV episode, when I decided to look up from my phone just to check the station. Nagulat ako! The next station was in SUWON, which is not in my app na! I hopped out of the train right away, sat on a bench to figure out what went wrong. 😁

The Seoul Subway did a Tokyo Subway on me, haha! I was still in Line 1, and nope hindi ako lumagpas ng Incheon Station, but there's a station where I was supposed to go down to transfer to another Line 1 train (Guro Station) just across it to get to Incheon. πŸ˜… So confusing!

Anyway, after the detour, finally! It's time to explore a city we've known for the longest time only by its name!

Incheon Facts

- South Korea's 3rd or 4th largest city, almost like Seoul minus the congestion

- Literal meaning: Kind River

- Coastal area, located northwest of South Korea

- Major transportation hub in northeast Asia, with Incheon International Airport and Incheon Port

- Where the Korean food jjajangmyeon (black soy bean noodles) was born

- Popular personalities born in Incheon: Actors Ku Hye-sun (Boys Over Flowers) and Go Kyung-pyo (Reply 1988, Chicago Typewriter), and Kpop Idols Bang Minah of Girl's Day, Yerin of GFriend, Park Choa of AOA, and Jeno of NCT Dream.

1. Incheon's Chinatown

Incheon's Chinatown used to be an area for trading goods from China. Today, most stores there are restaurants.

It's easy to spot Incheon Chinatown coming from Incheon Station... Just go out Exit 3 and you'll see the arch called Paeru across the street:

During my visit, most of the stores were closed and the streets were empty. From my online research, they say that this is a bustling area. I only saw one big tour group and that's about it.

There are cute cafes within the area, and Ava recommended one to me which I reserved after walking around the area first.

Things To Do in Incheon's Chinatown:

1. Wiseondang - only remaining Chinese style temple in Korea.
2. Samgukji Mural Street - wall murals of Chinese fables
3. Jayu Park - a piece of nature in the city
4. Jjajangmyeon Museum
5. Gong Hwa Chun - where you can eat original jjajangmyeon!
6. Try the different street foods!

2. Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village 

At the end of Incheon Chinatown, I saw the Fairy Tale Village next. This is where I saw a bit of tourists taking photos by the photogenic houses, benches, and random wall murals.

Like Busan's Gamcheon Culture Village and Jeonju's Jaman Mural Village, Incheon's Fairy Tale Village was created by the government to attract more people from coming over a once dilapidated village.

3. Cafe Break At C27 Cheesecake and Coffee

After all the walks, I decided to take a break at the cafe Ava mentioned in our groups. C27 Cheesecake and Coffee is an attraction in itself! It has 4 floors, and every level is so pretty (or "Instagramable", hehe). When I finished my coffee and cheesecake, I decided to go around and take pictures. They also have a rooftop area.

I found out that this cafe is not Incheon exclusive, you can also try C27 Cheesecake and Coffee when you're in Seoul (Sinsadong and Hongdae). But I like that I was able to visit them here where it's not super packed with people! Was able to comfortably take nice photos:

It was challenging to choose just one from the 27 different cheesecake variants that they offer! I picked the Mousse Cheesecake (ν„±μ‹œλ„λ¬΄μŠ€ μΉ˜μ¦ˆμΌ€μ΄ν¬) coz I've always loved the smooth texture of mousse cakes!

Every corner has a theme! If I was with my blog friends in this empty cafe, for sure we will have tons of pictures! Haha! No wonder C27's tagline is “amusement park for women”!

Thank God for mirrors and reflections:

4. Goblin Kdrama Location

While chilling in C27, I was able to Google for nearby Kdrama locations. The yellow bookstore in Goblin popped up, which is just a bus away from where I was. I decided to go for it and make the most of my travel in Incheon.

I love that you'll know you're on the right area because of these street posters!

I just typed "Hanmi Bookstore" in my Google Maps, and followed the directions. I also saw other second-hand bookstores along the street leading to the yellow shop.

Yey! Found it!

Like almost all the time, had difficulty setting up my camera for a self-timed photo in a Kdrama location. Ang dyahe for this coz I had to prop my phone across the street for this shot. And sometimes cars or bicycles will pass-by! Hehehe! 

There was a time that an ahjussi from across the street went out of his shop and was having a very long phone call, so sobrang awkward for me to pose and stuff. Haha! But anyway, I only had one take which is the picture above, and I think it came out nice for a phone self-timed shot!

A few details of the store. They have printed pictures of the scenes in Goblin displayed on their glass windows:

Was too shy to go in, huhu! Coz walang tao! Now I am regretting not getting anything from the shop for souvenir.

Screenshots from the Goblin. Hanmi Bookstore is Kim Shin's tambayan, and where he often waits for Eun-tak to pass by.

A nearer train station from Hanmi Bookstore is Dongincheon Station Exit 3. Walked here instead of riding the bus back again to Incheon Station.


Heading Back to Seoul

It was a short trip (coz I started late hehe), and I am sure there's still so much to see in Incheon. Headed back to Seoul before it gets dark. Did not get lost this time, hehe!

The passing view from the train's window made it seem like I am watching a Korean drama from a huge screen:

Went to Garosugil for dinner in School Food, which is above my favorite stop during this trip: Artbox!

Yoon Se-ri / Noona:

Steaming hot plate of Kimchi Rice to wrap the productive day:

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