Korean Drama Actors in Manila: My 10 Korean Actor Fan Meeting Experiences

Monday, April 20, 2020

My KDrama friends call 2016 as the most recent "Golden Year of Korean Drama". It was the year when there's a sudden surge of new Korean drama fans because of the awesome lineup that introduced (or reintroduced) us back to this world.

There's W Two Worlds, Legend of the Blue Sea, Cheese in the Trap, K2, Hwarang, Descendants of the Sun, and Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I think even the well-loved Reply 1988 lasted till 2016. But from my observation, the most popular Kdrama that pulled in new fans would have to be Goblin. Even local actresses like Anne Curtis and Sharon Cuneta were hooked!

Some of the well-loved 2016 Korean dramas:

The series that reintroduced me to this wonderful world!

As for me, 2016 reintroduced me to Kdrama because of Love in the Moonlight. Since then, I watched all the dramas that friends will recommend. I also watched whatever is featured in the Top 10 of a streaming site where I used to watch before.

My all-time favorite from 2016, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!

Some Korean fans end their fan girling on their laptop screens, while there are some na isinabuhay na ang Korean drama.

I think they coined the term "Kinain na ng sistema" for people like me. 😂 Around 90% of my skincare are from Korean brands I've seen in a series, or endorsed by a Korean actress, to think I don't even have a regimen prior this phase in my life.

I also have a Spotify playlist for my favorite Kdrama songs, and a collection of plushies and random Korean drama merch in my room.

I think my biggest fan girl moment was when I went on a Kdrama shooting location pilgrimage last 2017. Since then, a trip to Korea was not complete without a quick stop in a Kdrama location.

In 2017, Korean actors suddenly decided to include Manila in their fan meetings! Of course hindi ko to pinalagpas unless I wasn't in the country! Sharing a compilation of the fan meetings I've been to for the past 3 years.

(Arranged by date)

1. Park Shin Hye

"Life of a fan girl has been good this year, noh? ❤ I am grateful for all these big and small happy moments, as they say, appreciate--and all these good vibes will come rushing your way! To MORE MORE MORE real-life kdrama moments for all of us. 😌"

Park Shin Hye in Manila 2017: Concert + Meet and Greet

2. Nam Joo Hyuk

"In his letter to his fans, Nam Joo Hyuk mentioned something like "thank you for loving the imperfect me". I am inspired by Korean idols who remain so humble, trying so hard to reach out to their fans despite their status. I think I'll end this extra long post with that lesson: to keep reaching high for your dreams but remain grounded."

Nam Joo Hyuk Fan Meet Manila 2017 (With Videos) + The Feels Of A Former "Team Bahay"

3. Kim Jisoo

"If there’s one thing I picked up from #JisooInManila fan meet it’s to work hard even when you always only land as the second lead. You will have your chance, just have faith, & be grateful to people who support you. ♥️ Your time will eventually come.. Love you Jisoo!!!!"

Jisoo In Manila: The Press Conference
Jisoo In Manila: The Fan Meet! + Second Lead Syndrome

4. Jung Hae In

"Marami-rami narin akong nainvest (haha) sa mga fan meetings nato, to the point that I even go alone just to see my favorite Korean stars in the flesh. I always pick the best seat that I can afford, although medyo pricey lang talaga noh? I think now that I am just looking back on it, I still have no regrets that I made a once in a lifetime moment like this happen to me. I was happy that day."

Jung Hae In in Manila: #SarangHaeInManila Fan Meeting

5. Lee Jong Suk

"I love how he values his craft and his fans. And I will forever remember what he said before leaving the stage that night:

"You guys are my pride."  

We left Araneta with big smiles on our faces, thank you Lee Jong Suk!!!"

Lee Jong Suk in Manila!

6. So Ji Sub

"So Ji Sub's fan meeting isn't the usual! I thought I've seen enough Korean actor meet and greets, but his was on another level: the second half of the show was his concert! Who would have known So Ji Sub is a great rapper, he has swag!"

So Ji Sub in Manila Fan Meeting

7. Lee Sung Kyung

"Love Lee Sung Kyung 100x more after this fan meeting!!! Super fun, and ang talented nyaaaa!!! ♥️"

8. Park Seo Joon

"Kdrama actor Park Seo Jun’s Fun Meet for Bench! Sharing this happy night for this Kdrama fan girl. :)"

9. Cha Eun Woo

"Will people find me weird? Do I know someone who can go with me to the events? I don't actually care as long as this makes me happy.  Oh well, I guess that's what you call a fan girl's heart. ❤"

A Fan Girl's Heart | Cha Eun Woo in Manila!

10. Park Hae Jin

"After taking his time to chew the sticky rice cake Sapin-Sapin, he asked the audience, “Why is it sweet?”, to which the host Sam Oh replied to with, “Because our love for you is there.”

The actor smiled giddily, and took a bigger spoonful of the rice cake saying, “Then I will finish all of it.”

I guess the Filipinos found their way to sunbaenim’s heart!"

Park Hae Jin Tries Signature Filipino Dishes: “Masarap!” (article for Kdramabuzz)

What To Expect in a Fan Meeting:

Fan meetings with Korean actors include interviews, song or dance number, or other talent segments like cooking, crafting, or skits with lucky fans.

Most fan meets I've been to also have games with random fans, reading of letter, selfies, local fan projects, and usually end with a hi-touch (quick hi-five with the actor onstage) and group photo session (around 10 to 20 per photo) with limited number of fans based on the ticket perks that you purchased.

I haven't been lucky in all these fan meetings, but during Lee Sung Kyung's, the ticket number of the person seated right next to me was drawn to have a Polaroid with the actress onstage! Kongting konti nalang!! But naniniwala ako na someday my time will come! 😁

Through fan meetings, you get to see the other side of your favorite Korean oppa or unnie--usually their funny or quirky side. It's also their way of reaching out and giving back to their fans for supporting their projects, and also to promote upcoming shows.

In Manila, ticket prices range from Php 2000 for balcony seats to around Php 10,000 to Php 12,000 for VIP/VVIP. Around 2 years ago, I got my VVIP ticket for only Php 5000. I think it got expensive last year because of the high demand, or I guess depending on the venue and the popularity of the actor.

If you're lucky, brands such as Bench or Penshoppe also organize fan meetings with Korean actors. Tickets for these type of fan meets are in the form of product purchase. So technically, you buy stuff from their store, and seating will depend on the amount of your purchase. I did this for Park Shin Hye and Park Seo Joon.

I think 2020 is another Golden Year for Kdrama. There's Crash Landing on You and Parasite. Netflix also started to show more Korean drama selections, making it more accessible for new and old fans to watch Korean series. Sadly, it's impossible to have fan meetings anytime soon because of the corona virus. So to Kdrama fans batch 2020, sharing to you my own little world for the past years.

I look forward to that day when we can go to Araneta, MOA Arena, or the intimate New Frontier or SM Skydome together to watch our oppas and unnies sing or dance, cook, play games, or even hug their fans! Maybe on the next one, we will be the lucky ones called for a stage participation! 😁

I was lucky to get invited for the Lee Jong Suk fan meeting as a blogger, thank you Pulp Live World!

ASTRO and Cha Eun Woo light sticks up during the actor/idol's soldout Manila fan meeting:

Solo flight in 80% of the fan meetings I've been to, but you won't feel alone when you're with fellow fans! Poster and flower wreath are gifts from fan groups to fellow fans:


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