Café Kitsuné, Seoul

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

My quarantine daydream is a lazy afternoon in Garosugil.

I would walk along its streets, and enter random shops that doesn't have that intimidating vibe. And on a good day, a friend will invite me to a cafe I have been meaning to try but was shy to enter alone. 😅

You see, to get to Café Kitsuné's Seoul branch, you have to pass through a gate heading to a bamboo pathway which reminds me a bit of a mini, city version of Arashiyama in Kyoto. It looks like a private residence or a museum from the outside.

At the end of the bamboo pathway is a well-designed outdoor dining area where you'll find hanging stringed light bulbs, kitsune (or "fox") decors, and lots of metals and wooden aesthetics. It turned out to be homey from the inside!

We were there early, so Marc and I had the outdoor area to ourselves! Thank you Marc for taking my pictures for a change! Most photos of my cafe hoping in Seoul only has my coffee on it hehe. 😁

The Café Kitsuné in Seoul has four floors, with the Maison Kitsuné boutique on the 2nd floor and up. You can't take photos there, but it was nice to browse through their items and check out their shirts and signature canvass totes. Ground floor is for the small cafe where they also sell their own merch.

Café Kitsuné offers the basics, from Americano, lattes, flat white, cappuccino, etc. They also have teas and non-coffee beverages like chocolate and matcha. Price range for the drinks is from KRW 4000 to 7,500. 

They also only serve light pastries, most of which has their fox logo on it so it's cute for your coffee pics. But if you're hungry, go somewhere else first and have your coffee break here later on. 

Lighting was so good that day, I kept taking pictures of our orders with my phone. "Pang Kinfolk" yung vibe! Hehe.

Here are the Café Kitsuné merch, price is a bit lower compared to Maison Kitsuné's. Regretting I didn't get the small tote or a cap!

This meetup happened during my last full day in Seoul, before I headed to COEX. Marc and I had a quick morning coffee run in Café Kitsuné before he handed me some gifts! 

It's an original Hwarang photobook and a Cha Eun Woo T-Money Card! 😍 Marc just learned that I am a Taehyung and Eunwoo fan during our Itaewon adventures, so this was a big surprise for me! 

Thank you for remembering and for your thoughtfulness chingu! I enjoyed all our talks during my wintertime in Seoul.

Treasuring these Korea gifts forever, the best material things I brought home from this trip!

Visit: Maison Kitsuné Seoul Boutique & Café Kitsuné 
23, 13 Gil, Dosandaero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, South Korea (Garosugil area)
Open daily, from 11am to 8pm
Nearest Subway: Sinsa Station, Exit 8
Follow them on Instagram @cafekitsune

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