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Monday, May 11, 2020

For my last full day in Seoul, I decided to visit the COEX mall again. The last time I was there, I felt dizzy and just left after checking out the library and eating in E-Mart. For this trip, I was ready to see more of COEX!!

The night before, I was browsing my travel apps to check for any activities I can pre-purchase for discounts. I saw the Gangnam COEX All In One Pass in Seoul (COEX Pass) and booked it on-the-spot. 

Is the COEX Pass price worth it?

Paid Php 1850 instead of the pass' regular rate of Php 3700. I checked the total worth of the pass, and here are the discounted prices if you buy them via Trazy or Klook side-by-side its regular rates:

SMTOWN Museum - Php 700 (from Php 744)
COEX Aquarium - Php 827 (from Php 1,158)
Megabox Movie Ticket - Php 351 (from Php 413)
City Airport Limousine Bus Ticket - Php 579 (from Php 620)

TOTAL = Php 2457 discounted (from Php 2935 regular rate)

One of the free things that you can do in COEX is hangout at the COEX Starfield Library:

SMTOWN, a museum dedicated to fans of SM artists:

The challenge is fitting all these activities in one visit.

Here's how my jam-packed afternoon in COEX went!

My Day in COEX

Arrived in COEX past lunchtime already, morning was spent in Cafe Kitsune with Marc.

2 - 3:30pm: SMTOWN Museum (agad-agad!)

My favorite part of SMTOWN is the "backstage" access, where you'll see actual clothes, cue sheets, and products used by idols during concerts and shows:

3:30 - 4pm: COEX Starfield Library and Bütter for CLOY plushies

4 - 4:30pm: Late Lunch / Early Dinner

5 - 5:45pm: COEX Aquarium

I've been to a lot of aquariums in Korea already, but it's nice to just wander aimlessly and relax in this chill place. I like the area with unique aquarium set-up like telephone booth, sink, bed, etc.

6 - 8pm: Movie in Megabox

Decided to catch an English movie (Birds of Prey) that's about to start, but usually I watch the local movies whenever I go to cinemas in Korea.

9pm: Home / Late dinner

Tips on How to Maximize your COEX Pass

1. Arrive in COEX as early as you can so you have time in between to have coffee, rest, or go shopping. The time I spent was just enough to finish all 3 activities and a meal, but would have been better if I have breaks.

Take note of the opening hours daily so you can make a comfortable itinerary:

COEX Aquarium: 10:00am-9:00pm (last admission: 8:00pm)
SM TOWN Museum: 11:30am-8:30pm (last admission: 7:30pm)
MegaBox COEX: 7:30am-2:00am (next day)

2. The COEX Pass also comes with an Airport Limousine ride (COEX to Incheon Airport only--Terminal 1&2). My flight wasn't till the night of the following day, so I wasn't able to use this already.

If you want to avail this, make sure that your COEX visit and your flight home is at least within 48 hours. Here are some information about the Airport Limousine:

Just show the QR Code of your COEX Pass at the 2F of COEX City Airport Terminal. Choose your preferred departure time and redeem your bus ticket. Bus is from 4:10am to 9:30pm, every 20 to 25 minutes. Double check online for schedule changes and updates.

3. The COEX Pass also includes 4-hour Luggage Storage at the 2F COEX City Airport Terminal or 1F Hyundai Art Baggage & Gift Wrapping. If you want to go around COEX before your flight, then you can leave your luggage here first!

4. The pass also has discounts to COEX stores and restaurants, including the Lotte Duty Free Store, SM TOWN Cafe, Starfield COEX Mall, etc. Click HERE to get your coupons. If you can go back to COEX twice to avail its 48-hour validity, then you can use your Day 2 (assuming it's also your flight day) for last minute shopping and food trip before riding the airport limo.

Final Notes:

1. You can either print or just show your mobile voucher to use the COEX Pass. Bring your passport in case they'll ask for ID.

2. Voucher can be used at any date before your selected date.

3. You can enter the spots within 48 hours from your first entry.

4. Again, you can book your COEX Pass here.

5. How To Commute to COEX Mall: Samseong Station, Exit 5 or 6 

Overall, I was only able to avail 3 activities from my COEX Pass: SMTOWN, COEX Aquarium, and watch a movie in Megabox. If I compute its individual rates when I buy my tickets on the spot--then I saved more by using the COEX Pass! I still got a good deal even without using the access for the airport bus or get discounts on shops and cafes. 

Will I recommend getting this pass? If you will dedicate a day in COEX, and you want to add a more relaxed and indoor day in your itinerary, then this is definitely worth it.

Starfield COEX Mall

513 Yeongdong-daero, Samseong 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Samseong Station, Exit 5 or 6 
10:30am to 10pm

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