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Friday, September 25, 2020

Opening today's Q&A if you have more questions! Ask away! 

Q: How are you today?

A: Happy busy with new beads business and Food Panda gig! Have few projects as blogger, but still grateful for them!

But suuuper bothered by my full legs allergy. :( Looks like rashes and 3rd or 4th day na sya. My doctor cousin told me allergies lang coz uso now... Usually itchy sya sa gabi lang. Dami nag sabi sakin can be caused by stress.

Anyway, deep cleaned my room yesterday, and drinking Claritin every night. Sana mawala na!

Q: Who is your bias from BTS?

A: V!!! But I have diff bias everyday lately HAHAHAH

Q: Inspiration ng designs for DIY bracelets / keychains

A: Our Hope! JHOPE!

Q: What is your favorite BTS lyrics?

A: Dami! But top of mind:

"Tell me your every story. Tell me who you don't stop this. Tell me why you still walkin' walkin' with us."

" Let's make a door, everything in your heart. Open that door and go in and this place will wait. It's okay to believe it. A Magic Shop that will comfort you."

"Imagine your face say hello to me, then all the bad days they're nothing to me, with you.."

"I'm the one I should love in this world. The shining me, my precious soul. Now I realize, so I love me. Even if it's not enough, it's so beautiful. I'm the one I should love."

"You can call me artist. You can call me Idol. I don't care. I'm proud of it. No more irony!"

Q: Ate, if I remember it correctly diba po vegetarian ka? When and how did you become a vegetarian? 

A: Yes! Matagal nadin asa 2005 to 2006! Click here for full story on a blog post, thank you!

Q: Aside from full time blogger, what is your dream job?

A: A pang matagalan and pang malakasan lol na business. :)

Trial and error kasi siya, I've tried a lot nadin. But big dream ko now is a small cafe.

Q: What is your greatest achievement aside from being full time blogging?

A: 1. Traveling solo / seeing the world at my own pace and interest.

2. Bringing my parents to our fam travels.

3. Bloggers United bazaar (di naman to counted as blogging diba hehehe)

Q: Hello Ms. Ana! San nyo po nabili yung Bottled Chilsung (Cider)? And also yung BTS bottled coffee? 

A: Dito si Chilsung na may pa photocards pa (beance on Shopee).
Coffee gift lang sakin ng friend ko, but meron din dito (@andi.and.alexi on Instagram)

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